Top OT in this draft- Positives and Negatives

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  1. 1. Alex Barron, Florida State

    Positives: Ultra-large frame athleticism, footwork, body control, quick-set ability, knee bend, long arms … His exceptional pass-protection skills and ability to line up in the prime left-tackle spot should make him the first offensive tackle off the board, probably in the middle of the first round.

    Negatives: Upper-body strength, aggressiveness, overall technique, choice of run-blocking angles.

    2. Jammal Brown, Oklahoma

    Positives: Upper-body strength, balance, athleticism, body control, footwork, quick-set ability, long arms … He has enough talent, particularly in pass protection, to likely warrant a low first-round pick.

    Negatives: Aggressiveness, run-blocking technique, injury history.

    3. Khalif Barnes, Washington

    Positives: Athleticism, speed, footwork, body control, balance, quick-set ability, choice of run-blocking angles, overall technique … A strong performance at the National Scouting Combine figures to have solidified his position as an early second-round choice and perhaps even a low first-rounder.

    Negatives: Consistently high effort, lower-body strength, hand placement.

    4. Marcus Johnson, Mississippi

    Positives: Size long arms, hand placement, body control, balance, toughness, choice of run-blocking angles, quick-set ability … Although he was a guard for most of his college career, his size makes him a likely tackle in the NFL and a probable early second-rounder.

    5. Adam Terry, Syracuse

    Positives: Size long arms, quick-set ability, techniques, athleticism, body control … His outstanding senior season should make him a solid second-round selection.

    Negatives: Lower-body strength, ability to handle bull-rushers.
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    So Marcus Johnson has no negatives? ;)
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    Did you cut & paste this from a draft site? If so, can you provide a link?

    Edit: Found the link from a Vic Carucci article on

    Marcus Johnson's negatives:
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    Im rooting for Rob Petitt in the 3rd or 4th. he shut down Dwight Freeney.. we could use someone who can do that.

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