Tony Ugoh in third?

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by yourfavoritetexan42, Feb 8, 2007.

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    I am all for building with our offensive line, we added two great prospects last season with Charles Spencer and Eric Winston. Winston is growing and will be a great player for years to come, and Spencer is coming of injury. Tony Ugoh and Ryan Harris are my two favorite tackles in the draft, and I think they would have the most success in the west coast offense. Ryan Harris is NFL ready due to working under Weis and Ugoh is a very hard worker.

    I think Tony Ugoh would be a great 3rd round pick. My coach in highschool trained Tony Ugoh. His freshmen year he was 180 pounds, skinny tall kid, and turned him into a 305 senior all state linemen. Tony Ugoh obviously has a great work ethic, and is an athletic offensive tackle (athletic linemen is what we look for in our scheme, ask alex gibbs, the innovator of the west coast offense).

    What we could do with this Ugoh pick, is 1st round Adrian Peterson/Best interior d linemen available.

    2nd Round take free safety/corner/outsidelinebacker (BPA out of the two)

    3rd round take Tony Ugoh

    4th round take a center to be groomed under McKinney

    So this is what our o line looks like:

    Tony Ugoh, let him take the left tackle position and use his work ethic to become a great tackle. Hard work is what this kid knows, and if there is any underrated linemen i would like to bring in, it would be this kid.

    Left Guard: Chester Pitts

    Center: Steve Mckinney/ Rookie Center

    Right Guard: Charles Spencer or Weary (depending on if spencer rehabs well or not, and if he comes back 100%, let him battle out with Winston and move Winston here)

    Right Tackle: Eric Winston

    We also get a big play maker in AP and another role playing defensive player. I think he is the best linemen FOR US to take in this draft, levi brown and joe thomas do not fit our scheme. At worse it adds depth to our tackle position and we can get our big time left tackle with our pick next season.
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    I'm thinking Mario Henderson in the 5th, but I wouldn't be upset with Ugoh in the 3rd.

    I like

    1. Peterson.............RB
    2. Meriweather........FS
    3. R. Alexander.......OLB
    4. T. Bain...............CB
    5. M. Henderson......LT

    If Peterson is gone

    1. Reggie Nelson..........FS
    2. Anthony Spencer.....DE(possibly OLB)
    3. Tony Hunt..............RB
    4. Travarous Bain........CB
    5. Mario Henderson......LT
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    College Station, TX

    If there is any o line position we need to upgrade, it's left guard. Chester Pitts plays lazy, takes plays off, has bad technique on occasion. Have you ever seen him pull to the right side??? He's slow and he hits too high. Cardinal sin for an O-Lineman. I'm in favor of taking care of this through free agency and signing Steinbach (which won't happen).
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    the chances of ugoh falling to the 3rd are pretty low. he was a top 2nd round pick coming into the senior bowl, but his stock dropped a bit after. he's probably a mid-late 2nd rounder right now. he could raise his stock again at the combine.
  5. edo783

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    You do realise that Pitts is probably the only lineman that starts for us that if we cut him, could start for about 3/4th of the teams in the league, Right?
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    La Porte
    Yeah, there's a slim change Ugoh slip to the 3rd. He's a solid T, and should go 2nd. The 2nd round pick should be Ugoh or Merriweather. As far as our O-Line, IMO we need to upgrade 1 tackle position (Spencer could move to RT.) Keep in mind 3 of our starting OL were injured.

    Ugoh, Pitts, McKinney, Weary, Spencer

    Would anyone else mind seeing this?
  7. beerlover

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    Ugoh will be available in the 3rd because his skills are raw & needs developed, in no way shape or form is he or will be ready to start @ LT in the NFL for at least a year or two. has does have all the measureables, but don't focus too much on those for a LT, you want a more polished, high character road block thats also a very hard worker & diciplined. the Texans need someone who can start yesterday :bowser:
  8. keyfro

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    umh pass...kid couldn't block a tree at the senior bowl and wasn't all that impressive during the pass
  9. Scooter

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    if spencer plays next year, he's left tackle. he showed me more in 2 games than winston did in 6+. we need a right tackle while winston backs up both ends.

    that said, i dont know the prospect so if he'd be suited at right tackle i'd definitely research the possibility.
  10. DocBar

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    I'm international
    I would like to see Kalil picked up as C. McKinney just doean't hold his own in pass protection at C. I don't know enough about Ugoh to say anything. Pitts is probably our best O-lineman right now.

  11. rickyb

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    Maybe it is just me, but I do not understand how so many people are down on Winston, as if he is not capable of starting at RT. (This is not a personal attack, Scooter. I respect your right to your opinion, and you are most certainly not alone in it -- which is what spurred my response.)

    To be clear, I am not suggesting Winston is our LT. RT, yes.

    Why do I feel this way? I cannot offer data, just a qualitative observation: that when he was in the line, and the Texans were faced with 3rd and short, they sure seemed to run off right tackle a lot. And get the 1st down. So, not only did the team demonstrate faith in Winston, but Winston got the job done.

    Smells like a RT to me.

    THAT SAID...if we find ourselves in the position to draft an outstanding LT talent, we should do so, provided it does not cost us Peterson. We can move Spencer over to RT and slide Winston to RG.
  12. eriadoc

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    I like AP a lot and wouldn't be upset over him playing for the Texans. The problem with this line of thought, however, is that every year there's one or two or three guys that keep getting pushed ahead of that LT position and it never really gets adressed in a meaningful manner. If we hit the jackpot with Spencer, that's great. But a 3rd round pick being projected as a franchise LT is a bit of a stretch when you look around at the starting LTs for the playoff teams in the NFL. There are a few surprises, sure ... but they're just that.
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    No way Ugoh lasts until the third round. He'll go early in the second if he doesn't sneak into end of first. If he does last to the third thoough take him fast.
  14. threetoedpete

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    No way ? Huh, yes way. He's a Houston guy and If I thought he would be there in the fourth round, I wouldn't mind spending a high day two pick on the guy as a developmental guy. But he is most deffinatly a project year one...not a starter. How do you know him ? The fact that he is being pushed up the boards, with his skill set, tells you what a permium there is on athletic big men in the NFL. And what a lack of them there are in this class. He needs to be coached up.

    Just for the record, GBN has him here. I think that's pretty close.

    64 Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis) Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
  15. MorKnolle

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    If Ugoh was there in the 3rd round I'd definitely look at him, but not as our LT. I like SPencer better there and I don't know that Ugoh is ever going to be a LT. I think he is a career RT or OG, and personally I like him better as RG in our offense if we were to get him and leave Spencer and Winston at LT and RT respecitvely. Either way I don't know that I see Ugoh lasting to the 3rd round.
  16. Insideop

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    In the "Control Room"

    This is what I've been hearing/reading on the different mocks. Most have him gone by the early 2nd round. I probably wouldn't mind getting him in the 2nd, but only if Staley and Kalil are gone. JMHO!

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