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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by V3rm0nt3r, Mar 16, 2008.

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    18 Houston Texans DeSean Jackson WR California 5-11 165
    This will be a surprise pick to many. But it was reported that the Texans wanted Ted Ginn last year. So this year they get a better more polished version of him. RB is a need but Kubiak is of the Shanahan Tree I think he waits.

    I thought you would just like to see what moronic people think about in their free time.
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    Not a fan at all. Not sure when he posted that but i'm hoping it's really old.

    He's got Mendenhall going in the 2nd round (#38) to Atlanta.

    I'd take Ray Rice in the 3rd..actually I love it but I doubt he's there for us.

    + He's got the draft order wrong between oakland, kansas city, and atlanta.

    I think this is just a random person who doesn't know what he's doing.
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    even if that was true... in the meantime we

    a) drafted a somewhat similiar player in jacoby (wr/kr)
    b) found yet another similiar kr/wr IN ANDRE DAVIS who was extremely productive AND SIGNED TO A SIGNIFICANTLY SIZED, LONG TERM CONTRACT
    c) found a productive group of wrs to complement AJ with the emergence of walter and AD and jacoby to a lesser extent

    dont mention that in your analysis though :thisbig:

    everybody here knows the chances of that pick happening are < 0% (apologies to any mathematicans in the building)..

    so lets just kill this thread and vow not to post anymore mocks that have us taking a wr @ #18 because they're obviously clueless about us if they do:fans:
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    San Antonio
    Yes, let's draft a player in a position that's one of our stength's. I guess he's servicable as a KR....wait nevermind, we resigned Davis. What a moron.

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