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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by throwANDREtheBALL, Oct 7, 2005.

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    If I'm Mcnair (that' the owner, in case your like Capers and have a bad memory)
    (write that down Capers, before you forget)......OK, like I was saying, if I'm Mcnair right now. I'm probably feeling pretty crumby. You could say, sort of like a little boy who was just touched inapproprately by a priest. I'm guessing that's the feeling he gets everytime he sees Casserly or Capers talking non-chalantly about the team's play and acting like they've never made one mistake yet. It makes me sick, and I'm only a fan. I can't imagine being the guy that was paying their salaries.

    So if I'm Mcnair, I probably feel cheated by these guys for conning me into thinking they could get the job done in the first place.
    So what should I do to get them back ?
    Not fire them, and let them keep walking around blindly for a whole season of losing, thus hopefully making sure they never get hired by an NFL club for any job every again.
    Slowly fire them one at a time, wreaking havoc on their mini-brains, and have them so nervous of when they'll be the one to get axed next, that they all just start quitting themselves. Thus exposing them as the 'non-chalant' quitters they really are.

    Wait, I don't want to be all doom and gloom, so lets talk about their strengths.

    Casserly is really good at assessing bad players, once they are on his team. I think he sees bad players on other teams and he's just not quite sold yet, so he brings them onto the TEXANS to be sure. So after a couple of games, up close and personal. "YEP, Buchanon is as bad as my little grandson's 4 year-old scouting team said!" "Awesome, I found the worst place on the Offensive line to play big and slow Riley, LEFT TACKLE!!!!"

    Capers is really good at writing things down in his little book. I wonder what he's been writing in it for the last couple of months?
    1. Schedule meeting with Casserly to sign another FA linebacker.
    2. I think we're one more former backup linebacker away from winning the superbowl.
    3. My wife just made me three more offensive plays for next week. (side note, I think her and Palmer spent some time together, they look familiar)
    4. Eat Lunch
    5. Play the game to barely lose
    6. Brush teeth in circular motions
    7. Say hi to players, don't forget to turn up the charm, don't want them to think bad of you or anything.
    8. Get Mathis and AJ the ball more by playing them at QB and telling them to lateral to each other right before they get tackled.
    9. My number 8 was a great idea, I have a good feeling about that one.
    10. It works in rugby right.
    11. And they don't even have the protective gear on.
    12. So it should be even easier.
    13. Feed Dogs
    14. Phone Palmer, to see if he's still up for having long afternoon buddy naps.
    15. Tell Pendry he's in total control, and continue sleeping.
    16. Go to spa with Casserly, don't forget to plug for another Linebacker.
    17. If anything goes wrong with any thing, blame it on someone else. and smile
    18. Don't tell anyone you used to be an Arabian horse show judge, since that FEMA guy got murdered for it.

    I've got a couple for Capers, own up to your bad play-calls, bad coaching, accept some of the responsibility for once, acknowledge the other teams are better coached and that's why they won, don't make up some excuse or blame a co-ordinator, and STEP DOWN.

    (Capers, write it down, before you forget)

    Bring Casserly with you, and anyone else that you consider your good ole' buddy.

    OK, time for my positive remarks.....The cheerleaders are very co-ordinated and better prepared for their duties on Sunday than our players. AND The Texans will be a fun team to watch and cheer for again one day, once they get rid of all the Coaches/GM that are stinking up the joint.
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    I've worked for an employer that made everyone feel like this day could be their last. It definentally didnt lead to a healthy working enviornment. Not sure if this translates into the way NFL execs think, but it sure did suck working for that company.

    As far as the schedual goes... there could be a pretty nice linebacker in Lavar Arington that may be looking for a team pretty soon. Casserly needs to redeem himself and bring him to Houston!
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    Over here.
    Yeah! We never get linebackers here! :ok:

    (just kidding)
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    Rosenberg TX
    I doubt we sign Arrington after passing on DJ in the draft, and if we did sign Arrington, the few here that are still comlaining about us passing on DJ in the draft would probably literally drop dead from heart attacks. Arrington is scheduled to count 12.6 mil against the 'Skins cap in '06 and is supposed to receive a 6.5 mil roster bonus July 15, I seriously doubt he comes to Houston.

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