The Texas Compromise

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by jacquescas, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Here is my current idea.

    Trade down with the first rounder, to like the 4 spot or so. Take D'brick or Hawk. Both are going to be perienial probowl caliber players for many years and have fewer holes than Young or Bush, just don't play on as big teams or as important positoin. We could probably get an extra 2nd rounder this year and a 1st next year for it. If we wanted to there is enough talent in this draft on the offensive line that we could rebuild it completely through the draft.

    send a 3rd rounder to Miami for ricky williams. Hey it gets everyone the Heisman winner from Texas, gives DD a break and a definate every down back we havn't had.

    i know its crazy but it gets all the people who want a Texas graduate a guy, and the guys who want a heisman winning running back their guy. Plus a bevy of picks.
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    Personally, I think the #1 this year should get them nothing less than a 2nd round pick this year, a #1 pick next season and at least a 3rd round pick next season. That's to move down to the 4th spot. If they move farther instead it would take possibly a player &/or a 2nd round pick next year along with a 1st rounder.

    I think D'Brick would be more important than Hawk, but I'm not 100% sold on him. There are good Linebackers to be had outside the top 10: Nick Barnett (29th pick in 2003), Kendrell Bell (39th pick in 2001), Jonathan Vilma (12th pick in 2004), DJ (15th pick in 2005). I think the Texans can get a very good LB in the middle of the 1st round next year like Paul Posluszny from Penn State. There's also a chance that a guy like Chad Greenway slips to the top of the 2nd round. It's doubtful, but it could happen. He's a very good player as well.
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    I think Dbrick's small size and inability to hold weight, as well as an unimpressive senior season and below-average run blocking skills, all combined together, are a much bigger hole than Bush, Young, or Hawk have.

    Hawk is probably the most flawless, but a once-a-decade OLB isnt quite equal to a once-a-decade QB or RB.
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    Back in the cellar again
    D'Brick would be perfect for the zone blocking scheme. He is lighter on his feet, is a superb pass blocker, and has the speed/size ratio to do well with a zone blocking scheme. If you were talking about a more traditional O-line scheme (say the Steelers), then he definitely wouldn't work well. D'Brick seems like the perfect anchor for this line for many years (or at least until Kubiak is gone).

    LOL. I just jumped off a ledge. That was the final "once-a-"<insert period of time> comment that sent me over the edge.

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