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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Rey, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Couldn't resist doing another one...

    I believe that we could see a trade down in the first or second round. I think it will depend on who is available when we are on the clock. I really like Zeitler but I think he may be gone off the board before we pick. I like Worthy a lot too, but I think the value for guards is going to be higher in the first two rounds whereas I think there are a couple of good D-linemen that can be had later.

    So with that, I'm going to trade out of the first round to the top of the 2nd and in the process pick up an extra 3rd, 5th and 6th giving us two picks in every round between 1 and 7. I think some team that didn't get their QB in the first round may want to trade up and pick up Weeden.

    2) Amini Silatolu, OG

    I like Silatolu almost as much as I like Zeitler. I think Silatolu can be just as good as Zeitler. I don't think his technique is as good yet but I think he is a superior athlete and he has better feet. I think Silatolu could puch for a starting spot this upcoming season, but if not he'd be great depth while he sits and learns. He could even be a part of a rotation with Caldwell and Smith.

    2) Alshon Jeffrey, WR

    I like Alshon's football ability a lot. A hell of a lot. He has been criticized for his commitment to being in shape, but I don't think you can doubt he is a fine football player. He goes up and snags the ball over people effortlessley. I think he would fit this offense perfectly and it would be very scary next year for teams to have to guard two big beast like him and Andre. And everyone is looking for a jump ball artist...This guy is it. I think he'd help give the QB's a great target in the RZ.

    3) Bruce Irvin, OLB

    He's just a beast. Lightning fast coming off the edge and he'd give our defense a whole new dimension in passing situations. The guy has one of the 3-cone times out of all the prospects coming out. Not only does he have great straight line speed, but he has good agility and changes direction better than some WR's and DB's. I know he's had some issues, but I think the talent he has is worth the risk. Plus I think you can afford to take risks on guys like this when you have built a good locker room. If you're going to take a risk on a guy with character concerns they need to be as talented as this guy is.

    3) Derek Wolfe, DL

    I've been on the Martin Bandwagon, but Wolfe is the better player and he's more versatile. I think Wolfe can back up all three D-line spots. He's a good penetrator and he plays a style of ball that we want our D-linemen to play. He's solidly built and he uses his hands very well to get O-linemen off balance and on skates. I like his game.

    4) Brandon Mosley, OT

    Athletic OT to compete with Newton for swing duties. I don't know how Butler will have healed from his injury or if he will even hold up for the entire season. And if he has a good year he may sign elsewhere. Either way, I think Mosley is a good project tackle to have on the Squad.

    4) Chris Rainey, RB/Slot receiver/Returner

    I love Rainey's game. Very versatile. Drafting him would likely mean the end of the Holiday experiment, but I'm cool with that (even though I actually like Trindon). No more Jacoby on punt returns either. Rainey can serve as the third RB, but he can also play in the slot some if needed to. He would fill multiple positions and all positions of need.

    5) Ron Brooks, CB/Gunner

    Ron Brooks is an expert gunner for the special teams unit. He is a developmental corner that I look at as basically a more physical/stronger version of Brice McCain. I think that is an excelent description of him. If he develops and can be trusted to cover the slot position he'd be a perfect fit there because he is also an aggressive tackler and he blitzes well from that position. He'd also be more physical a the LOS than McCain is.

    5) Janzen Jackson, S

    Has some character concerns, but he seems to have matured some. He's a coaches kid, so he knows a little about the game. He's uber talented though. Didn't show all that well in drills, but he shows up on film. He hits like a safety and covers as well as some corners. This is a good spot for him. He could be instant help on special teams and a developmental guy.

    6) Case Keenum, QB

    Third QB. Slight competition for Yates. If Schaub can't go he'd be a good back-up to Yates. I like Keenum. I think he has great ability, but I think he's just going to have to prove himself in the NFL.

    6) Randy Bullock, K

    Last year Rackers set a record for points in a Texans uniform. That shows you the importance of Kickers. They put points on the board. I'm assuming that Rackers wont be back. If he is then I'd go in another direction here and maybe pick up another WR or ILB.

    7) Chad Diehl, FB

    Perfect compliment to our offense. He's a bruiser. Looks to enjoy contact and smashing into people. Makes his blocks with authority. I think he'd be the perfect compliment to Casey as it would allow James to take on the #2 TE duties and not play FB full time. James could still line up at the FB position from time to time, to keep other teams guessing. Throw it with Diehl in at FB sometimes and run it with Casey at FB sometimes.
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    It would be a great haul if the Texans could pull off a deal like that. I don't think it's out of the question that 11 rookies could make the roster.
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    Sounds like were all comfortable with Rick Smith so much so we have visions of a New England mentality of trading down to acquire more picks?

    That would be a bodacious haul propelling franchise further in the post-season!
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    I would be absolutely thrilled if this was how the draft played out for us. These deep drafts are so much fun when it feels like we are getting first round talent well into the second round.

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    We could do worse than Jeffrey in the second round but when you have time checkout Mussop's mock because he's got us taking Senio Kelemete in the third round who would be a much better value than your Midwestern State Olineman. And no way Irvin is there in the third round but we can always dream.

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