the fullback in our running game

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    so, we cut Moran 'the human battering ram' Norris, sign Jameel Cook from Tampa and then pick up this guy as a UDFA:

    Quadtrine Hill

    Has good size and the frame to pack on some additional pounds...A great athlete with superb speed...A better than average runner for the position...Has excellent hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield...Can adjust in space...Versatile
    Does not have the ideal bulk you look for...Blocking leaves a lot to be desired...Is not very physical or explosive...Will run too high...Won't make people miss...Bit of a 'tweener who lacks a fullbacks mentality...May need to be in the right scheme
    In some ways very similar to Najeh Davenport in that he could play either fullback or even running back in a pinch...Not a traditional fullback but could excel in the right situation with his wide array of abilities...An interesting prospect to watch

    denvers fullbacks last year combined for 9 rushes and 19 receptions.

    what kind of a role do you see them having for us this year? plus add in Owen Daniels who a lot of people see as an H-back not a true tight end due his his less than perfect size...

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