The end of the world is here I have seen the anti-christ by the Alamo

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by spurstexanstros, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Heaven help me or someone please shoot me...I turn on the radio and the Tv and who do I see. The poor man's skeletor himself....Jerry Jones. How does he start the press reminding us that San Antonio will never get a team because they have training camp here. At this point I am beggining to construct a catapult similar to the one in "The Holy Grail" so I can lob Jerry over the walls of the Alamo and back to the cesspool he came from.

    I am really gonna soak up the atmosphere at training camp this weekend.(that or take up drinking in the next couple of days0 I really hate the Cowboys..I mean really. My Dad taught me not to hate anyone....well...except the Cowboys.
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    Don't forget the fake French moustache and the goofy helmets.

    I'll be there in about 5 hours. :jogger:

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