The elusive .500 season. (My season prediction)

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    So Ive heard a lot of talk recently about how D McNabb is being cocky/overconfident by stating that the Eagles are a superbowl team. And I've also heard a lot of bashing in the media against Brett Favre, who is claiming that this years team is the most talented he's ever played with.

    All the while, we here in Houston Texan land are hoping to break even. Win as many games as we lose. Go for that elusive .500 season.

    I know its silly to think this is depressing (that other no-chance teams are striving for superbowl, and we are striving for mediocrity) because it will be a significant step in the right direction. And I know that only with steel blue shades or kegs of Texans kool-aid could you possibly think we have a superbowl team, but its still disheartening a little to be "excited" over a .500 season.

    Anyway, back on point, I think if we hit 8-8 this year, the sky is the limit for this team. We have a ridiculously tough schedule, however, and 8-8 will be incredibly tough to reach. Here is my post preseason game 1 season predictions for wins/losses.

    Philadelphia 1:00pm -W At home, game 1 with the new coach, and we traditionally play much better in game 1.

    Sep 17 @Indianapolis 1:00pm -L Its Indy, in Indy, and early in the year. No chance here.

    Sep 24 Washington 1:00pm -L Redskins are stacked this year, and if Portis is healthy enough to play, I don't think we have a great shot. IF Portis is out, this could help us tremendously.

    Oct 1 Miami 1:00pm -L Home against Miami, and while they are testing out a lot of new players, Saban seems to have them off and running already.

    Week 5 BYE

    Oct 15 @Dallas 1:00pm -W I have no logical explanation for this other than its Dallas, and there is no way, even if we were starting all 4th stringers, that I would admit we were likely to lose here.

    Oct 22 Jacksonville 1:00pm -W We always play them toughest of all, and at home, coming off our win at Dallas, we will be tough to play against.

    Oct 29 @Tennessee 1:00pm -W There is too much QB/other player controversy over there right now for me to not chalk this up as a W. McNair has consistently given us trouble, but now that he's gone, I think we have a W.

    Nov 5 @N.Y. Giants 1:00pm -L This team is stacked on offense, and I don't think we have the weapons to stop them yet.

    Nov 12 @Jacksonville 1:00pm -L Despite us playing them very well, Jacksonville is still a good team, and playing them at home is always tough.

    Nov 19 Buffalo 1:00pm -W Too much QB controversy, too little weapons. They have a chance at being the bottom of the barrel this year.

    Nov 26 @N.Y. Jets 1:00pm -W I doubt Pennington will still be there at this point, making this game all the much easier

    Dec 3 @Oakland 4:05pm -W See Buffalo. Althogh they have Moss, he's going to be furious by this point in the season.

    Dec 10 Tennessee 1:00pm -L Vince will probably be starting at this point, and he'll have a lot to prove in front of the team he wanted to play for. This could be a close one.

    Dec 17 @New England 1:00pm -L New England will be wrapping up a playoff birth at this point, and will likely need this game to do it. Don't expect them to take a game off. This is one where we get skunked

    Dec 24 Indianapolis 1:00pm -W Our first win against Indy, and it couldn't be sweeter. Except I think by this point, Indy will already have clinched the division and will not be playing Manning the whole game.

    Dec 31 Cleveland 1:00pm -W They are on their 4th string center already, and with a new QB, that OL looks super shaky. I don't see them making as big of a move as the rest of the league seems to think.

    Final record, 9-7! Its doable, right?? (A loss to Philly or Dallas...*shudder*....will still allow an 8-8 season)
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    i think you guys are better than 8-8, carr is ready to have his best season, you have two great wr, and a young defense that looks like they will gel quickly....i see 10 wins because of kubiak....

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