That's Entertainment -The Dark Comedy of the Houston Texans

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    Since the team is more about entertainment than a championship run, I thought I'd share something from the Ravens game.

    I'm watching the game from home* so the comedy was clear. The replay of the Walter catch that Kubiak challenged showed he was clearly out. Then they cut to Gary holding the challenge flag and my buddy and I are like, "why does he have the flag out?"

    They show the replay with Walter getting up and walking away, and my friend says, "Gary, look at his knee! Look at his knee!" It had white paint on it from his landing out of bounds.

    I'm saying, "Gary, look at the line! There's a big, very visible dent where his knee landed!" (If this had been the French Open they wouldn't have needed a replay; a linesman would have just run out and pointed at the dent.)

    Then Gary threw the flag. We were rolling with laughter.

    I realize this might be one of those situations where "you had to be there", but it was hilarious. Does anyone else have any humorous Texans anecdotes to share?

    * I turned down tickets; I don't go to the games and spend all that money anymore. When I decided to financially support the team as little as possible because of the quality of the product, I followed through.**

    **I know, I know. The Texans organization doesn't care I'm not there; there are 50,000 people lined up behind me for the opportunity to buy a few Reliant beers.
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