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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Malloy, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Dunno if this is the right place to post this, but since it's football-related I'll go ahead and do it!

    I'm not from around here... I'm a foreigner... I'm Danish.
    I've spent a couple of years, on and off, in Austin, and I've come to love this crazy, lovely state as much as my home country.
    1½ weeks ago I came back from Denmark, visiting Austin and Corpus, ending up in Houston Friday evening. Without a ticket or any other means of entrance I went to the Reliant stadium Saturday morning in hope of catching a glimpse of some of my favorite players "for REAL" working out, I managed to do jut that.
    Thanks to the friendly service at the parking lot I managed to get into the training camp site, and although most players were getting ready to take their well-deserved noon-breaks, I did manage to get an experience that will stick with me the rest of my (hopefully) sane life. I got to see AJ, Mathis AND PITTS!!! (check out awatar).

    So, Thank you Houston for letting me suck up some of that wonderful training camp atmosphere, thank you for your hospitality and thank you for hosting the best franchise in the entire league.

    I'll be going back to Denmark in a few days, but this team will continue to occupy a big piece of my heart and mind.

    It's late here in Austin (aka too many beers), but I wanted to let you all know that Houston Texan fans are all over, here and abroad; and that we, the few, will be watching, posting and cheering for the Houston Texans any time of the day, even if it means staying up until 4am.

    If you read this far (and the thread has not been moved or deleted) thank you very much, and let's w00p some rump this year, starting with the Colts, it's time... and we deserve it!! :)
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    Friendswood, TX

    That is good that you had a chance to get into the practice.
  3. Stampede

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    Apr 30, 2006
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    Glad you bought into this little republic of ours. Great post. It goes without saying that you are welcome here anytime. Im sure that the Texans will be very pleased to know that they are gaining fans in far away places such as Denmark. I have lived here for 47 years, born and bred, and can honestly say that i would'nt wanna live anywhere else. Be safe in your travels and store a little piece of our Texas hospitality in your heart.
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    Glad you got to make it and experience the hospitality of not only Texas as a whole but the pleasantries of the best franchise in the NFL. The thing that makes this franchise the best is the way they treat the fans. I have been privleged to be at some special events for the Texans and I am nothing special to the organization. My seats aren't club level and I definitely am not an MVP. That being said, the people I know in the Front Office make me feel special and appreciated. Jusy typical hospitality. Be safe in your travels and remember this: "If your not in Texas, you're just camping out." Get back here soon and get to a game if you can!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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    Great post and thanks for the good words.

    You just gotta come to a game and tailgate. This would be better than n orgasm! Did I just say that??? LOL

    Bobby 119C

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