Thank You Gary Kubiak

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    I am posting this thread late because I had to work tonight and didn’t get to watch the game live today. I am depending on re-plays and articles written about today’s victory. I wanted to see for myself before I posted. Time to eat a little crow.

    When Gary Kubiak first came to the Texans I was glad to see him. However it wasn’t long until that happiness turned to disappointment. And after another while the disappointment became disgust. And soon the disgust became anger. I began to be very vocal about wanting him replaced as head coach of the Texans.

    My reasons behind the feelings I developed have been discussed ad nauseum on these boards; but briefly: 1) I got tired of what I saw as the same old crap. I really didn’t see much difference in how Kubiak’s team performed as opposed to how well caper’s team did. 2) I didn’t feel that our Texans were ever prepared by the coaches for the first game of the season. 3) I saw a coach who had time management issues. 4) Same coach had problems with play calling and with when to challenge calls by the refs. 5) No running game and seemed to show no concern about making sure this team had something more than a low round cast-off running back. 6) Loyalty to friends, ex-Broncos, and Colorado State players. 7) No real competition for starting positions. It seemed that starting positions were determined by contract numbers rather than by effort and production on the field. 8) Lack of concern for drafting top quality o-lineman and defensive backs. 9) No apparent urgency in winning games. The players all seemed like they felt just showing-up was good enough. 10) No consequences for poor play.

    Gradually over the term of his tenure as head coach, I have watched Kubiak slowly, even glacially address some of these issues. However I never fully felt this team would get better.

    Today, I am here to give Kubiak his due. Since I have been vocal about his short-comings I want to pat him on the back for a team that looked wonderfully, marvelously prepared for the season opener. I saw a good run game and adequate defense. I enjoyed watching Mario and Smith and even Okoye doing what they were brought to Houston to do. Our O-line looked like a real NFl line for a change and Arian Foster was able to put up a record performance because of them. The play calling was good. The Clock management was good. The game management was good. I was happy to see the intensity level of this team up. It felt good to feel confident about up-coming games.

    I realize there are many more challenges ahead for this team. I saw many areas that this team needs to work on and improve. I am concerned about over confidence or let down for coming games, but this is a good start. I will still watch this team with an eye toward improvement and I will critique the team, sometimes harshly when I see things that don’t appear to be right. I might never be a full-fledged Kool- aide drinker, but I will always be a fan. And this win goes a long way in resolving my feelings about Kubiak being here. Let’s see how the rest of the season goes. But for now, Thank You Gary Kubiak!!!
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    I was always a fan of Kubiak being here until last year.

    The one thing that really made me turn against him for a while was the build up to and then including the 2nd loss to Jax last year, which was, I believe, our 4th divisional loss in 4 games. There was no reason to get swept by Jax and the 3 divisional losses leading up to it to go 1-5 in our division was just unacceptable. I felt like Kubiak had built a good team that was just made perfect to be an AFC South doormat. But, McNair kept him and I relented that maybe it would work out alright.

    We finished the season with 4 wins to go 9-7....and I really wasn't surprised with that. Good team....bad divisional play.

    Now, we have a good, healthy RB and we just beat the AFC Champions--and more significantly to me, the AFC South Champions--to start the season. If we can win half our division games, we are in for one heck of a season, and I've got a feeling we're going to do better than that...

    Go Kubiak! :fans:
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    FIRE GARY KUBIAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh wait, sorry, I had that all tee'd up, but we won.

    Hehe. I really never doubted that Kubes was gonna be a good choice. He has some stuff to work on as far managing the clock, but I think his overall game management has improved tremendously. I think if he can continue to motivate this team to play, the only people who can beat the Texans will be the Texans
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    Still wanna give him that pat on the back?

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