Texans vs. Titans tix - endzone

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    I have some fine... I mean really good endzone seats up for sale. I have complete trust ... umm... feel that you'll really enjoy them. These are my season tickets, so I know those that sit around me pretty much all season. As long as you don't have an issue sitting next to an ex-president or a yes man (ask him to get you a beer, he often will - no questions asked) you should be golden.

    I'd try to make the game, but I think I may have some business to take care of that has suddenly come up.... that I've been avoiding taking care of for about 2 years now.

    Hope I can get rid of these pretty quickly seeing how many others are selling their tickets for the game as well. Maybe I can throw in a front row parking spot, potentially an additional parking pass as well for your friends to tailgate... as long as they don't overfill the porta potties.

    contact me by email bobbymac@iownateam.com

    edit - oh, don't forget it's a "black out" for this game.

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