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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by SheTexan, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Anyone else listen to this? A phone conference with Roger Goodell, AJ, Jamie Roots, Drew Daughterty, can't remember the other person (sorry) that included all Texan season ticket holders. I got to listen to most of it, but, not all. My friggin phone went dead in the middle of AJs question and answer period and I wanted to throw the blasted thing in the wall! lol

    A lot of info, I can't even start to mention it all. Roger Goodall had just finished his meeting with Daddy Bob over the Brian Cushing saga, but, he didn't give out any hints as to what his decision will be. We can only hope!!

    Most of the other topics pretty much covered what we already know. Stuff like tailgating, the roof open or closed, improving fan day experience, the Texans quest for a championship, participation in Community events, uniform combos ( opening day Colts Liberty white, Charger game all blue, Ravens MNF Battle red, ALL red! The rest of the time the Texans will wear blue jerseys/white pants at home. They made the comment that ESPN LOVES the all red Battle red day. Quote: NOONE looks better in ALL RED than AJ!! I kinda got a heart flutter after that one, definitely a huge smile! :)

    A few polls with one of the most interesting one's, to me anyway, was who the fans thought would win the battle of the kicker. 59% voted for Rackers, with KB the other 41% Seems to me a lot of fans still hold a lot of anger toward KB. I understand that completely! AJ won as to which player would make the first TD! DUH!! I voted for AJ, but, I think it will be a TE! They had a poll as to how many games the fans thought the Texans would win this year, but, my phone went dead before I heard the results. My vote was 10-12. The other options were 13 and above, and then the lower brackets.

    Someone asked Jamie Roots what were some of his most memorable times since the Texans inception, and it did my old ticker good to hear him mention the Billy Miller TD against the Cowboys as #1. He mentioned how good it felt to be in Miami last year when team went 9-7.

    Just some highlights guys. I'm sure some of you can add much more substance, and insite to what was said. I just had to many interferences during the call and missed some of Goodalls comments.

    ANYWAY!! I appreciate the Texans providing us with this opportunity to get kinda up close and personal with the FO, and the players. I'm not kidding when I say it brought a HUGE smile to my face just hearing AJs voice and believing in that man's committment to the team. I'm so PUMPED I can't stand myself right now!! Gotta work tonight, and I'm going TEXAN!!
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    Thanks for the info! :fans:
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    I tried to listen between calls here at work and people walking up to my desk. SheTexan gave a pretty good recap. It was lots of puff-and-fluff, but it's still good to get back into that "football zone".
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    Thanks for the info! Much apppreciated. :fans:

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