Texans TEs Finding the EZ

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by CloakNNNdagger, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. CloakNNNdagger

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    Three-tight-end sets........hmmmmm.........

    With the LT position strength in question, I expect a TE to be standing guard or adding additional push more often on that side.
  2. badboy

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    Clear Lake
    With the way both Ts are playing I suggest a TE blocking either side in addition to petitioning commissioner to allow to have 12 rather than 11 players on offense. If he is serious about reducing concussions, he will approve.

    signed Matt Schaub.
  3. welsh texan

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    Tongue in cheek I know but with the wealth of receiving options at our disposal against the dirge of blocking ability, I think it's better to alleviate the pressure by blowing the top off coverages on the outside and having the check down to intermediate crossing routes to simply stop Ds from coming after us. Nuk and AJ allow us a newfound cocksure attitude in the passing game and both our RBs are capable check-down options. Ds can't be dialling in a load of pressure against us if we can get them beat beyond the LOS at every level.

    If Nuk continues to shine we are soon going to see out other receivers finding it awfully easy to get open. And for all the faults of the rest of them, to a man they have playmaking ability once they have the ball in hand!
  4. thunderkyss

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    Agreed. I know it doesn't work every time, but I have no problem with Matt throwing to a reciever 2 or 3 yards short of the sticks. If we expect Foster to pick up a 3rd & 1, we should expect Andre Johnson or Owen Daniels to pick up 2 yards when they've only got one man to beat.

    Yes, I know Arian has an OL moving a pile (or he should), our route combinations should clear the defense to leave a one-on-one match-up short of the chains.

    If Ray Rice can pick up 29 yards on a 4th & 27 dump off... I'm just saying.

    We need our play-makers to make plays, not just Matt.

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