Texans have the better video game.

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    Having Super Mario is way better than Pac-Man.

    TN paper link

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    From the article.... "I have no father figure. I have no one. It is just me, man,'' said Jones, whose father was killed when he was just a child. "All those other guys, when they get in stuff, they have people they can go to and all that.

    "In my situation, I have been the father figure of my whole family since I have been 17 years old. I never had a dad I could go to, to sit down with and talk to and explain what I am going though and all that.

    "I am not making no excuses because I have made it this far; I'll be all right. I really don't give a (expletive) about what a lot of people say and that is really what my attitude is right now. I am just trying to be a role model for the people that love me. I can't worry about what the media and other people are saying because if I do that I definitely won't be mentally strong. ... But it seems like everyone wants me to snap.''

    (a) His first statement is like an excuse and then he says "I am not making no exxcuses" WTF?
    (b) Double negative on the "I am not making no excuses", which when taken literally, means "I am making excuses"
    (c) Way to be a role model for your family and then drop an f-bomb / s-bomb directly proceeding that to a news paper reporter.
    (d) I know he feels like we want him to snap, but isn't he almost snapping by running away and complaining about it?

    "Hell yeah, I was surprised. I know him, but I don't know of him. You know what I am saying?'' Jones said. "I know he has a record label, but I don't know what he does. I met him at a club a few times, and I go home and he goes home. It is not like my best friend or somebody I am hanging out with.... ''

    (e) Do you think that if we asked him if we could borrow his car, he would let us?

    "I told him he couldn't do that, and we got in an argument. Then there were two shots, and I ran to the door of (the gas station),'' Jones said. "Now if I knew who fired the shots, I wouldn't have run for the door. If somebody I knew was shooting, why would I be running?''

    (f) Dude, seriously.

    By then, he'd also grown weary of all the media attention. He even filed a police report when a television reporter showed up in his driveway.

    (g) He wouldn't run away from a man shooting a gun over an argument if he knew him, but he calls the police if a reporter shows up at his house... huh?

    By not being around for the majority of the offseason, however, Jones won't earn the $150,000 workout incentive in his contact, which calls for him to be there 80 percent of the time.

    "I'll be there for the OTAs (organized team activities). I'll be there for all the team functions, I just won't work out there, I don't care what anybody says, I will not be there for (offseason program),'' Jones said.

    (h) team guy and family guy... work out, get the money, pay for a distant family member's college education. But he is a role model.

    "I really probably wouldn't play nowhere else, but stuff happens for a reason. If they cut me tomorrow or (trade me), I would end up being all right, though.

    "I am just going to keep my prayers up and try to keep to myself.''

    (i) Another double negative, confirming the affirmative I want out... backed up by the oh so rock solid promise of "probably".

    Aside from this being a script right out of Up Close with Roy Firestone, it was without a doubt the most entertaining off-season read for me about ProFootball yet.

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    Your welcome.

    It really is a horror show of an article. Read by all their fans in the local paper. At first all I could think was thank goodness he doesn't play for us. Then I thought BWAHAHAHA he is a flying meatball. With a big fat untradeable contract. And then I thought, hope he is a total distraction and that their season is the grimmest.

    (Never would wish anything nice for Bud at all, but his treatment of Steve McNair this spring is beyond a joke and the Budster deserves extry bad karma. Mortensen says that Fisher is trying sound like McNair is coming back, but that the Titanhicks have no leverage, have goofed up the situation, and that McNair is gonna end up as a Raven. Interesting point he made about how the letter directing McNair to workout elsewhere could still give the Titanhicks liability for the contract if McNair gets hurt because they are directing him to workout--whether it is on the team facilities or not it doesn't matter because they are directing him by a written document and telling him what to do).

    Anyhow, this is yet another reason why teams are paying so much attention to the character of their players.

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