Texans Fans in NYC - I am dying alone here...

Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by NYCTexan, Oct 1, 2010.

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    There HAS to be other Texan fans in the NYC area. Last year I was subjected to watching my beloved Texans at a 49er bar, a Bills bar (where I had beer thrown at me) and other places.

    I am game to lead the charge.

    PLEASE dont let me watch another game in NYC alone with my Andre Johnson jersey. Even my girlfriend doesnt want me to watch with me if I go to the oppositions bar.

    Just to give you a reference to my craziness - I took a bus to DC and saw the game with other Texans friends in FedEx field and got into a slight altercation (albeit, not my fault and we did nothing back).

    I would like to nominate Hill Country BBQ in Manhattan as a spot for the games.

    Get back to me please soon.

    nandagiri at hotmail dot com
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    Good luck, I went to a Texans/Jets game at the Meadowlands several years back and I think I saw like maybe one or two other Texans fans there.

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