Texans can Lock Playoff Birth this weekend

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by srrono, Dec 6, 2011.

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    On Sunday, the Packers and 49ers punched their tickets to the 2011 playoffs. This week, another four teams could join the playoff party.

    In the NFC, the Saints win the NFC South with a victory over the Titans and a loss by the Falcons, who face the Panthers in Carolina.

    In the AFC, the team that currently holds the inside track toward the No. 1 seed is the only 9-3 team that can’t nail down a playoff berth. The Ravens have the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Texans (whom the Ravens beat), Steelers (whom the Ravens swept), and Patriots (via their record in common games). But it’s the Texans and the Steelers and the Pats who can lock up playoff berths in Week 14.

    The Pats win the AFC East with a win over Redskins and a loss by the Jets to the Chiefs. The Texans win the AFC South if they beat the Bengals in Cincinnati, and if the Titans lose to the Saints in Nashville. Finally,the Steelers get in with a win and: (1) a Bengals loss, Jets loss, and Titans loss; or (2) a Bengals loss, Jets loss, Broncos loss, and Raiders loss; or (3) a Bengals loss, Titans loss, Broncos loss, and Raiders loss.

    Also, the Packers clinch a first-round bye with a win over the Raiders at Lambeau Field.

    There are other ways that the Packers can do it, but let’s just assume they’ll get a win over the Raiders at Lambeau Field.
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    In a Bizzaro world playoff scenario, the Titans beating the Saints helps propel the Texans past the Patriots in the strength of victory category.

    If all teams with better won loss record win out and...

    Ten beats NO
    Tampa beats Dallas
    Miami beats Philly

    then Houston takes the #2

    That being said, I am rooting like hell for the Saints this week.

    I'm still going to wash my eyes with bleach after posting this.

  3. eriadoc

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    Nothing is being born this weekend, as it relates to the NFL.

    There are playoff berths to be won, however.
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    I like the Saints so I have no problem rooting for them to win.

    But, the Texans have to take care of business and beat the Bengals. I do not think that's going to be an easy task on the road.

    That will be a fun three hours on Sunday, though!
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    I imagine that Kubiak and the coaches, and several long-timer players are telling each other that THIS game means playoffs.

    THIS game is it. You play this game balls to the wall. You say, "We have the chance to do today what hasn't been EVER in this team's history. THIS game is the playoffs. It's the playoffs for Andre Johnson. It's the playoffs for DeMeco Ryans. It's the playoffs for you. It's the playoffs for the Texans fans and the city of Houston."

    That's all you have to do, as head coach of the Texans. You have a singular focus this week of making sure every player knows that THIS game is the balls. THIS game is it. Win it.

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