Supreme Court to Hear NFL Antitrust Claim

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by CloakNNNdagger, Jun 29, 2009.

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    Court takes case over licensing of NFL apparel

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    So why not put a limit on the term of an exclusivity contract?

    Make it 3 or 5 years and be done with it. Mandate that when the renewal process comes up at the end of a term, there has to be an audit. Let each competing company hire an auditor to examine all the bids, ensuring that each company can see the other bids.

    If the NFL accepts a bid that's off-balance, then it will be public knowledge of such an act. I'm not saying that the NFL "has" to do anything of any sort, but at least make it a transparent process so that they can't hide behind a veil of secrecy.

    I mean, that's how the whole "kickback" system happens, when nobody knows the terms of the deal. A company like Reebok might just be giving certain people in certain places a certain bonus. Which keeps their contract rollin' on.

    Maybe I'm too much of a conspiracy theorist. I just think there is something shady about any type of exclusivity contract that seems to run indefinitely, and gets renewed with not even the slightest effort to allow competition for it. It's essentially a monopoly, and though it does ensure a level of consistency and professionalism in terms of the products produced (Madden video games, Reebok clothing, etc.) there's also a lack of invention and uniqueness when you're the only gig town.

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