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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Hookem Horns, Oct 24, 2012.

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    I want to thank those that have recently signed up to be "Subscribed Contributors". Your auto-monthly donations help make it possible to run this place smoothly and for us to do upgrades as we just did today with the new server.

    When you sign up for this we change your user status to "Subscribed Contributor". Unfortunately this is not set up to work automatically. Also Paypal only gives me real names and does not match those up with board names.

    So when you sign up to be a Subscribed Contributor please PM me and tell me your real name so I can match it up in Paypal and update your status.

    If you wish to auto-donate each month and be a Subscribed Contributor you can do that here. http://www.texanstalk.com/index.php?pageid=subscribe

    What are the benefits? Besides you being generous and helping us keep this place rolling, also all Google ads are removed for Subscribed Contributors.

    Thanks again for all of your support!

    Texans Talk Team
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