Strongest and weakest parts of this team and what we NEED to improve on

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    During this time of the year the coaches look at the roster and see what they need to address in the draft and free agency...what position would you say we have the most talent and what position do you think needs the most help?

    QB: Carr, Sage, Van Pelt, Porter - I see Van Pelt and Porter gone...I think we look for a QB in FA or the draft...There is a possibility that Carr is gone, but I think he stays through the remainder of his contract. Sage, is a good enough QB to be a back-up and a spot starter when needed...

    RB: If Domanick "Williams" returns from the injury, we should be pretty set in this position...Dayne, will stay and be a tough third down pounder and the starter until Williams can go...Chester Taylor will get his fair share of carriers throughout next season and may earn the starting job...I dont see Wali Lundy or Samkon Gado on the roster next year...

    FB: Veri impressive play by Leach in the last part of the season...should push Jameel Cook for the starting job...I think we're solid here...

    WR: AJ, Moulds, Walter and Mathis are good to great...When Mathis is healthy he has the chance to be very dangerous in the slot...AJ and Moulds are a phenominal duo...I think we should draft a WR or pick up a guy that has good speed and could possibly return punts or something...i think this is our best position.

    TE: Daniels and Putzier are our best...Daniels is going to be good for a long time and Putzier is a nice backup...Bruener i believe, is going to be gone and i think we should pick somebody up in FA or look at Bennie Joppru again, just for depth.

    OT: I thought Winston played well down the stretch and if Spencer can get healthy, i would like to see him move to Right Guard. I think we need to get a Solid Left tackle in FA, because Salaam is horrible...Then after we pick him, up...we look for our franchise left tackle asap.

    OG: I think Weary is good enough to be a backup and thats it. Like i said, if Spencer can get healthy i want to see him move to right guard or tackle and maybe move Winston into guard if Spencer goes out to tackle. Pitts, is a solid left guard and i would like to see him continue playing for us there...or I would like us to get Eric Stienbach, so Spencer can stay at left tackle...

    C: Flanagan is solid when healthy...Hodgdon isn't the answer, so i think we need to draft a center in this draft, that should be able to be our next center after a few years of grooming...

    DE: Mario is our best, babin was solid and i think peek will be gone in FA. Kalu was also solid and i would like to see him return for at least another year...

    DT: Weaver is good when healthy, is Payne ever going to play a full season again? he's getting payed good money to rehab... Dalton and those other guys we had to sign through the season are okay...nothing big...maybe only one of them will be back next season...I see us drafting a DT in the earlier rounds of the draft...

    LBS: DeMeco is amazing... i like the play of Orr and think he could be a good spot starter and backup...Greenwood had his best season with the texans...i would like to see us draft another OLB to take the place of Orr and become a dangerous tandem with DeMeco...

    CB: Robinson is our best DB...Faggins would be a solid nickle back...I think we really need to go after Nate Clements...he would be our most important FA pickup...Alexander, McKenzie are solid backups with good speed...but this one of our weakest spots on the field...

    S: This is our worst position on the field...Earl is solid, Brown was nothing special and we need major upgrade NOW...i think landry is our best bet here...

    K/P: we need two new ones asap!
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