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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by ChampionTexan, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Last year after 10 games we were 5-5 and heading towards the first ever non-losing season in franchise history. This year we're 3-7 and headed towards a finish where it seems like not many folks expect more than 5-11.

    Since most of us went into this season with expectations of year over year improvement, I ask the question - why is our record so much worse than last year?

    If you want to blame the coaches, that's fine, but be specific - there's been some changes to the staff (Sherman gone, Gibbs and Rhodes added), but I personally don't see any of the changes as detrimental.

    If you want to blame the talent, that's fine, but be specific - not just who sucks, but why it's different than last year (remember that Weaver and Greenwood were starting last year too).

    If you want to blame injuries, that's fine, but be specific. Injuries are bye and large down from last year.

    So what do you think - what's different than a year ago?
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    There's really only one thing different - the QBs are turning the ball over at an alarming rate. The rest of the team has cleaned up the fumbling, especially compared to last year.

    I know some will point to the defense, but as bad as they are, they're about the same as they were last year. I think they finished ranked 24th last year. So far, they're 22nd this year, and they've been put in some poor positions by the offense.
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    I think the "constantly improving" stat is given too much weight. They went from two to six wins after dumping a dysfunctional coaching staff. Going up from two wins should have been expected, not some big sign. They then finally dumped Carr and gained a couple more wins. Again, that should have been expected. Now they are bouncing back to five or six wins.

    Maybe this is a just a six to eight win team and always has been. Then there is no real mystery.

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