So what needs to be changed on D (PERSONNEL)

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Maddict5, Dec 3, 2010.

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    ok so another disappointing season is pretty much in the books.. i dont think many of us care whether we win 5 or 9 games really as its only likely to affect draft position since its unlikely either kubiak gets fired (given the lockout and the season can be chalked up to a crappy D) or we make the playoffs.

    Dont want to debate whether its right who gets fired or not in this thread. This one is all about those 15-18 millionaires we see every sunday who dont tackle, cover etc and what we do with them to prevent a repeat of this next yr (since the basically same bunch showed they could play last yr)

    lets face it, whether bush is back or not, we'll still more than likely be playing 4-3 since it suits so many of our personnel and its what they're used to (and as seen by the annual simplifying of the D, alot of these guys dont respond well to the extra thinking/playing in space required in the more complicated 3-4)

    i think the D is fixable if we upgrade the following spots this offseason (ranked from most important to least):

    1. FS- obviously our corner play is worse but this is the spot where there no chance of the upgrade already being on our squad
    2. cb- just awful this year. loads of cushion for any team to complete any kind of hitch/out/slant yet it still doesnt stop us from getting beat deep also. the only saving grace is that all the corners are as green as the discharge from my c0ck (jimmy carr joke!) and will more than likely improve next year. still veteran re-inforcements are essential
    3 WLB/MLB- 1 or (more likely) 2 positions that need to be upgraded unless demeco bucks the trend and comes back strong from his achilles injury. sharpton may be able to fill one of these

    my group by group breakdown

    d-line: gets plenty of criticism but imo is our most solid group- for the second straight year been v solid against the run & usually get decent pressure on the rare occassions a qb holds the ball for longer than 2-3 secs.
    obviously mario and antonio are keepers, anderson has been decent depth plus with barwin coming back we are ok here imo
    at DT, amobi is finally flashing some & everyone else is solid and unspectacular. i dont think DT is a big need either with mitchell coming along. you'd love to have a dominating guy pushing the pocket but they're so rare that we arent actually that bad right now despite the parroting for a NT that you constantly hear

    LB- what looked like our standout unit has turned into a weakness. yes they allso get credit for our stellar run D but they are pretty bad in space. cushing after a slow start has been coming on strong and is the only guy thats dependable to cover a rb in the flat. everyone else has to play WAY off. obviously demeco missed most of the yr and his prognosis for next season isnt great. which takes us to our weakside LB. for the last few yrs ive said that zac diles has been one of our most underrated players. always makes big tackles and rarely beaten when on the field but he has gone way back this year. dont know whether its just hes played so much more nickel or what but hes regressed massively. doesnt tackle well, cant cover for $h!t. sharpton has been alternating with him and the D has improved somewhat. bentleys been hit and miss (cant cover either). we have to get some coverage LB'er in through the draft- id recommend a day 1 pick on a WLB and possibly a mid rounder on a demeco contingency (or maybe sharpton will be that contingency). we bench diles who can basically be a backup for all 3 spots as well as a ST'er and release sicknote aka adibi

    DB's: its time to finish the eugene wilson stopgap and get 1 or 2 quality centerfielders i.e. day 1 pick or quality FA to help out our beleagured cb's. at SS, pollard hasnt been terrible in coverage lately and continues to also get some credit for our run D. imo you'd like to replace with a guy that brings what he brings in run D but is alot more capable in coverage but between the other positions that mightnt happen this yr
    our cb's are hard to evaluate because they're all so young- quin is showing some signs of being a good cb in the future, i think brice has shown enough to be left on the bench for good. nothing has been seen from kareem lately but he had a couple flashes in between the roastings. def trying to bring in the best VETERAN free agent should be at the top of our offseason list of things to do. unless theres a quality cb and no safety there in rd 1 you give the cbs a miss in the draft this year and see what you have in mcmannis and kareem
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    I would say that the DT's on this squad have been pretty horrendous this year. Seeing an upgrade at the UT or NT spot would be welcome. Not so sure about the LB's, but, I think Sharpton looks like decent depth. Probably try to get an upgrade for Diles but not if it comes at the expense of:

    ANY OF THE GOOFBALLS IN THE SECONDARY Wilson needs to go, Quin and Jackson need somebody who is at least serviceable to start at one of the CB spots, preferrably a new Nickel and Dime guy as well, although I'm willing to bet Jackson wouldn't be that horrible in one of those two spots. You can keep Pollard just because, but don't pass on a great SS if one appears.
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    Agree, somewhat. We need a new starter at DT (NT). Mitchell and Amobi are rotational players, and should provide quality depth. I like Sharpton, he has some speed and coverage skills are decent. I hope and pray Demeco can make it back it to is normal self. What could screw us the most is the CBA. If a lockout lasts until, say july/august, that would kill our chances at bringing some FA's in. At this point, we have to have ink some FA's in the offseason and have second/third day draft picks be able to provide some depth.

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