Slaton non-Hype versus YKW

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Wolf, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Was just curious about the Bush stuff crammed down my(and some of y'alls) throat in 2006 (and without water )

    Bush played 16 games as a rookie and started 8 games
    rushed for 565 and received for 742 yards ( he did have punt returns for 216)9 td's

    total yards 1523


    rushing 904 yards so far and receiving 250 with 9Td's

    with 4 games to go
    total yards 1154

    granted Bush can be a dynamic player in different aspects but interesting how much crap the Texans took for not taking him and Steve is holding his own and haven't heard much of a peep.. Granted the Saints had McAllister as a starter but I almost want to email ESPiN to see if they would respond to why Steve isn't getting much love (unless I have missed it). I am almost glad he isn't but.. part of me wants to rub it in that we didn't need to spend a high round pick on a RB (and we still do need a compliment to Steve)
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    ESPN hitched their wagon to Reggie Bush before the 2006 Draft. They pretty much guaranteed him as the next Sayer/Sanders/Brown.

    Therefore, they had to make a big deal about him to retain their credibility that he was the real deal.

    Bush was a great, great college football player. But his game does not translate well to the NFL. He will never be a full-time back and probably will never even be an effective running back.

    But what he is, is a dynamic offensive weapon that if used correctly, can be a very good player in this league.
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    Shoot, let's compare them this year. Reggie Bush has been hurt for a few games, so I'm only going to compare them for their first 8 games (how many games Bush has played in this season)

    Through 8 games Bush had 294 rushing yards and 398 receiving yards for 692 total yards.

    Through 8 games Slaton had 538 rushing yards and 181 receiving yards for 719 total yards.

    Not bad for a rookie.
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    ESPN was very positive towards Slaton and the Mario Williams pick tonight. I thought they were right on with practically ALL their analysis. I used to not like Mike Terico but I am starting to come around. He def does more research than any of their commentators. I am very impressed with him as a commentator.

    Slaton will be a 1,000 yard rusher this season barring injury and that's only the 2nd guy we've had that accomplished that feat, and he has done it as a rookie. Impressive to say the least. We need to get someone to share the load with him, but I like what I see. He is very explosive and it looks like he can play through injury, something that is important for a RB.
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    It won't happen but Slaton should be a Pro Bowler.

    He's third in the conference with 904 yards rushing and first in yards per carry (5.0). His touchdown and receiving number's are also among the best. Unfortunately he’s a rookie who plays for the lowly Texans so it will never happen.

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