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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by keyser, Nov 27, 2006.

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    It seems like everyone is going after Carr today, but it seemed to me that the lack of an effective running game was the biggest problem we had yesterday. Besides the obviously poor blocking on some plays, it also seemed to me that the play selection might have been poor.

    Does anyone remember many outside runs in yesterday's game? My memory may be faulty (and I'm not going to watch that game again to check...), but all the running plays I remember (other than some Carr scrambles) seemed to straight up the middle, usually for little or no gain. Plus there were some that got stopped in the backfield - maybe these were meant to go outside? Some of the better runs this year that I remember seem to have gone around the edge, so it seems weird that they didn't try this more.

    Did anyone else notice this?
  2. edo783

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    Houston, again.
    Yes, but why worry about a TOTAL of 15 yards for the game by our crack running back stable when we crack slam the QB.
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    I would like to sit here and discuss our RBs' 1.35 YPC average but I have to go slam our QB for throwing for over 300 yds.


    I remember them trying to run it outside a few times and being tackled for a loss everytime.
  4. UberDork

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    Jan 18, 2005
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    Maybe some of you folks that know much more than I can answer this. Is our running game the same as what Denver ran while Kubiak was OC?

    I am just curious if there is an imbalance in running philosophy between Kubs and Sherman. I figure Kubiak gives some deference to Shereman's oppinions. Could it be that the system has been altered some, and the mixture of Kubiak and Sherman styles doesn't mesh well?
  5. run-david-run

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    Denver only gained about 30 yards rushing last game as well, so maybe it is the same running game...
  6. Runner

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    Jan 6, 2005
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    Texans Chick did a blog on this subject - maybe she'll throw a link to it here if we ask nice.
  7. mexican_texan

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    We don't make runs to the outside because neither of our tackles should be starting.
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    Dec 1, 2004
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    There are a few reasons we don't run to the outside that I've noticed. First off, our backs aren't fast enough to get to the outside on any defense. Who wins a race of Gado, Dayne, and Lundy? Next, all of our backs are aware of their lack of speed and have somehow confounded that with a lack of vision. They are content with running into a pile and allowing the modest fan to assume it is solely the offensive line's fault. That brings us to our next point: Our offensive line is not good enough to stretch the running game. Winston is our quickest linemen IMO and he is still coming back from ACL surgery where he had a noticable gait last year. Also, our OG's aren't good enough nor are they fast enough to pull for various traps and stretches. We rarely ever get to the second level with our linemen, and neither do our RB's. It is a combination fault IMO. Our RB's lack speed, patience, and vision...the things in a good RB, but our system lacks the correct personel to run our knock off version of Denver's system.

  9. texflex513

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    Good point!!
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    We DID run outside zone six times in the game. FOUR of those times Jamel "I shouldn't even be in the NFL" Cook missed his block and his man made the tackle for no gains. Cook also missed an easy back block when we ran inside zone. His responsibility is to seal off the backside linebacker or defensive end. It is a shield block...simply get in the guy's way. Cook whiffed and the DE made the play.

    When you have a fullback on the field and he sucks, your run game suffers. When the fullback is off the field, ironically, the Texans run the football very well. They get a good push off from the oline and the fullback is not there:
    A) Dictating where the hole is going to be
    B) Whiffing on his blocks
    C) Bringing another linebacker into the box.

    I totally disagree that the Texan backs are too slow to get to the corner. That is not what makes a successful zone play. You run a successful zone by being able to push aiming points and get double teams at the point of attack. When you introduce the fullback into the situation it bastardizes all of the reads and creates enormous flow from the linebackers. It kills cutback lanes...and that is what our backs lack. The ability to stop on a dime and bust it up into a seam.

    We run the ball at better than five yards a clip out of one back going to the left side. Right now, Winston is struggling with his run blocking. He is a good pass protector, but he is not there with the run game. So why do we continue to pound the football up his rear? Jacksonville came in to our place the first game in Reliant and I'm telling you, they ran the ball EXCULSIVELY to their left side. They ran away from Mario all but four times, and one of those times was with a reverse. They pounded away to their strength. We do not do the same thing.

    The NFL is NOT a fullback league. They are few and far between and their effectiveness wanes as the season progresses because they cannot handle the pounding. This :francis: :crying: fullback of ours is nowhere near capable of leading on anybody for four quarters. Stick him in in short yardage and get yourself a 3rd & 1 conversion. They take his rear end out and put him on the bench.

    For you Carr haters:
    Daniels, Bruenner and Cook on the field at the same time... Who the Hell is going to complete passes over 10 yards with that bunch of merry men? They sure can't run block either! So why not spread people out, bring Walter in and go three wides. Bruenner for pass downs and Daniels mixed in on passing downs. You can have Daniels in, but run away from him primarily. And for crying out loud....RUN LEFT.

    By the way....on a seperate rant and note amongst the sea of negativity.... Mario played very well against Ferguson. So well that the defensive gurus on the Texans decided to....

    Put him on the bench for the Jet's second field goal. He was benched for an entire series for jumping offsides.

    THEN...they put him on the OTHER SIDE AWAY FROM FERGUSON!!!!! HUH?:challenge
  11. prostock101

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    I agree. We seem to always pick up a few yards when we run outside and if this offense only needs 3-4 yards a pop to make the play action work, then why not? Seems like we try run through the tackles a few times and when it doesn't work, we go right to dink, dink, dink...........and dunk.

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