Ron Dayne's "big day"

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by alphajoker, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. alphajoker

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    It appeared to me that the Texans were running more of a power running attack than the zone blocking scheme against Oakland. Do you think this was a factor in Dayne having a good day on the ground due to his size?
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    Who the he!! knows nowadays with this team.

    One week, they can't run the ball at all with Dayne, but Lundy works well. Then we rely on Lundy, and he runs poorly, but Gado shows glimpses. Then Dayne and Gado play and they both stink. Then the next week Lundy and Gado do great.

    Bottom line is that you never know what you will get from this level of talent. I don't think Dayne vs. Oakland was the real Ron Dayne you get every game.

    All I know is that our running game despite its' success yesterday, is fighteningly inconsistent, which in reality translates into UNRELIABLE.

    With DD, at least we knew that he could grind it out and get 2-3 each carry, with the threat of a bigger break. I don't think that any of them are the future at RB and it is possible that two of them are not on the roster next year.

    Until the OL is established for a few years, I want a game breaker in the backfield. FA or draft, but I want a guy that defenses are scared of.
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    Nope!!!!!!!!!!!! He's 100% healthy is why. He wasnt even 80% healthy when kubiak bought him aboard. He had no preseason, and he had turf toe on his whole foot. A healthy Ron Dayne is a beast in this type offense. You seen what he did in Denver last year. He's a zone runner. But then again. When u look at his stats in NY, When he was the feature back for 3 games. he had 58car 337 3tds with a 5.3 avg.......So its not the scheme. He just needs his touches and 100% healthy. The zone blocking is like a bonus.
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    Frankly, I haven't really seen ZB since about the start of the season. As players drop out from ijuries, it looks more and more like a standard power block scheme to me. Probably easier to do it with less skilled playes. Lord knows, our O-line guys fit the "Less Skilled" designator.

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