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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Talk' started by LikeMike, Sep 5, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    this was the first time for me to do a live FF draft, so I´m still a little unsure about how I did. It is a 10 team league in Yahoo Sports FF. I had the first pick in the first round, the last in the 2nd and so on:

    1. Chris Johnson (no brainer)
    2. Larry Fitzgerald (most of the guys on my board were gone... I know he doesn`t have a QB, but his talent seemed to big to pass up)
    3. Matt Schaub (Rodgers, Manning and Brees were gone - and I have to represent the Texans some)
    4. Steve Smith (NY - seemed like the best WR left)
    5. Jamaal Charles (had a great 2nd half of the season)
    6. Pierre Garcon (I got a feeling he will play an even bigger role this year, and Wayne`s number will drop a little)
    7. Brent Celek (all other TEs on my board already went, he seemed like a sure pick)
    8. Ronnie Brown (injury prone, but I really like him as a player - plus I don`t like the Dolphins passing game)
    9. DEF - Dallas (got a little nervous with most DEF already gone - I wanted to wait longer to select one)
    10. Matt Forte (seemed like too good value to pass up - had a down year with injury trouble)
    11. Visanthe Shiancoa (great player, I see his numbers increasing)
    12. Carson Palmer (has a great but old WR crew)
    13. Golden Tate (pick was kinda a mistake - I wanted to click another guy - I might cut him for another WR)
    14. Kevin Walter (in desperate need for some WRs... not to happy with Walter in FF, but didn´t know who else to pick)
    15. Sebastian Janikowski (great kicker, hope the Raiders do well this year)
    16. Dexter McCluster (I see him having a great year, kinda like Harvin last year - and he can play HB or WR)

    I´m kinda thin at WR - I don`t really have the talent behind my 3 starters. Braylon Edwards and Steve Breaston are the best guys left - would you cut Tate and sign one of these guys? Or do you have another sleeper in your mind?
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    Brown is coming off another knee injury. I would be nervous. I have a feeling Williams will be a work horse for them.

    Tate might not be that bad that late. As the season goes on he might start to be big. Plus with House gone he looks to be #2.

    Charles and Johnson seem like a solid combo.

    Suprised at Dallas at D they seem all over the place.

    12 man I would be very happy 10 man IDK.

    Was very similar to my 10 man with 1st pick which I assume you had.

    Knox (House)
    Winslow (clock got me)
    Sea Bass

    Got Forset on my bench though and LT who seems to want to prove something.

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