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    Here is my second top ten of the year. These are based on after watching the Senior Bowl. Again, this is not a mock draft, this is just my top 10 players in this draft to my preference.

    Ranger's Top Ten #2

    1. Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech (No Change)

    I still beleive this is the best guy out their. He is the exact prototype of the perfect NFL receiver with his height, speed, hands, long arms, body control and on and on, this guy is the best and most likely will be the best for years to come. Oh yeah, and he has great character.

    2. Joe Thomas, T, Wisconsin (No Change)

    There is no reason to move him from this spot. Joe Thomas may be the best player to come out of this draft. He is a true left tackle who is an outstanding athlete with quick feet. Nobody can seem to shake him on the line. Once he gets his hands on you its over. He probably would have graded out as the best tackle in the draft last year, better than D'Brick Fergurson who was taken with the 4th pick.

    3. Levi Brown, T, Penn State (+7)

    With Joe Staley, Tony Ugoh, and Ryan Harris all having rough days at the Senior Bowl, Levi Brown has emerged as one of the best players at his position in this draft. He showed Saturday that he could hang with the best of them. He may have been the most soild player on the feild. He may have the best feet of any tackle in the league, and uses his athletism to his advantage. He can take on any speed rusher and put up a right. The only thing that concerns me is his play in the run game. He can move anybody, but hasn't shown a drive in the rushing game to put him over Joe Thomas.

    4. Amobi Okeye, DT, Lousiville (First Apperance)

    There is no other player who had a better Senior Bowl than Okeye. He had the scouts drooling over him all week long. He slimed down to 287 and showed a unbeleivable drive and motor. He has the prefect mentality of a defensive tackle. He plays at 110% on every play and never backs down and plays to the whistle. Oh yeah, and he is 19. He has the most potential out of anybody in this draft. The only thing he has to prove is showing his motor on every play. Towards the end of the Senior Bowl he kind of disappered, but put in the right DL rotation, it shouldn't be a problem.

    5. Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma (-1)

    The only reason why Adrain Peterson moved down a spot was because he didn't play in the Senior Bowl. If he did he probably would still be at #4. He is the best RB in this class, in a weak class of RB. He is the most NFL ready running back to come out of college in a long time. His only question marks is his durability, but every RB has durability questions. It would be nice if he could show off his hands a little bit, to make him a complete running back.

    6. JaMarrcus Russel, QB, LSU (-3)

    Again, Russel only drops down the board because he didn't play this weekend. This big frame, strong armed QB is on everybodies wish list. He has amazing potential to be a sucessful QB, has all the tools, and is a leader and has shown he can play in the big games. His consistency is the thing he needs to overcome to become a top rated player in this draft.

    7. Brady Quinn, QB, Norte Dame (+1)

    With no QB shining during Senior Bowl week, the stock of Brady Quinn actually rose without him playing. While there is still a lot of questions to be asked of this pretty-boy QB, he did come from a top notch offensive mind in Charlie Weis and did put up great numbers, protected the football, and showed the ability to put together game winning drives in his college career.

    8. Reggie Nelson, S, Florida (First Apperance)

    In the last couple of day, I have become in love with Reggie Nelson over Laron Landry. Here is why. I see Reggie Nelson as a big play safty who can come up and play the run as good as anybody. He is always around the football and makes big plays. I beleive he had 8 INT for Florida this season. Although he is a little raw, his potential is sky high over Landry. He can also pack a punch when needed.

    9. Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas (-3)

    At the Senior Bowl, it became clear that this is going to be a deep draft for DL. With Okeye and Carriker, and a whole cast of DL making their presence known, this drops Anderson down the board the board a little. I still beleive he is the best rounded DE in this draft who can play the run as good as the past and has amazing size, a little brother to Mario Williams.

    10. Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska (First Apperance)

    There were a couple of times that Carriker shined in the Senior Bowl. On one play he just bull rushed to sack the QB, and on another he used his quick feet and change of direction speed to make a play on a pitch. He has great closing speed and uses his feet very well for a big guy. He also is pretty smart and knows what the opponent is thinking. What I love about him is he is very veristile. He can be a 4-3 DE, a 3-4 DE, and can even play DT if asked to.

    Dropping Out:

    Dwanye Jarret (#5)
    Laron Landry (#7)
    Darrele Revis (#9)

    Bubbling Under:

    Gaines Adams
    Leon Hall
    Patrick Willis
    Dwayne Bowe
    Marshawn Lynch
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