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    As the first true franchise quarterback (supposedly) for the Bears since Sid Luckman is generating a performance more similar to those of most of the team's quarterbacks since then, the father of one of the recently failed signal-callers is sounding off.

    "It's a self-perpetuating problem that is not Jay Cutler's fault," Dan Grossman tells Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune. "It's not Rex Grossman's fault. It's not Kyle Orton's fault. It's not every other quarterback who has been through that system's fault. It's the fault of the organization for not understanding what a quarterback needs."

    Rex Grossman, a first-round pick in 2003, was not re-signed after his contract expired in late February. In June, Grossman signed with the Texans. He currently holds the second spot on the Houston depth chart.

    "What's amazing to me is, here we go again with Jay Cutler," Dan Grossman said. "He came in and he was going to be the franchise quarterback and lead the Bears. I heard some people say they were going to the Super Bowl this year. And here we are, back in the situation where . . . because the team is not really built around a passing game, he has struggled. I don't really blame it on Jay Cutler."

    Dan Grossman, who played quarterback at Indiana University in the 1960s, thinks that the Bears need to get with the times and shed their commitment to the run.

    "I believe that the NFL is a passing league," Dan Grossman said. "It has been for the last 20 years. Chicago continues to use the phrase, at least Lovie Smith continues to use the phrase, 'We get off the bus running.' They need to abandon that concept. Running is obviously a very important part of the offense. But the best teams in this league are prolific passing teams.

    "And for a team to be effective at passing, in my opinion, you have to build your offense around your quarterback. You have to commit to the quarterback: 'You're our guy.'

    "You don't bring your quarterback in and say: 'We're going to get off the bus running. But on third-and-10, you've got to come through for us now!'"

    There's more. But that's the gist of it.

    And it's hard to argue with him.

    Of course, none of this means his son isn't a human turnover machine.
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    Oh great.

    Another QB on the roster who's Dad is making excuses for him.
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    Cutler doesnt mess up because his recoevers are bad. He throws into quintuple coverage. He just heaves the ball way to much. He makes very poor decisions. He isnt a cerebral QB. Lots of tools, but very little between the ears.
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    At least Dan Grossman had some nice things to say about us:

    "And there is a reason that Rex went to Houston late (June 12, 2009), in my opinion. It was because of all the baggage he had to carry coming out of Chicago," Dan Grossman said. "People were a little leery. The general managers were leery.

    "I highly respect that (Houston) organization for recognizing what they got. He got there as a third-string guy. And as soon as he got to play in a game, he went up to second string (behind Matt Schaub)."


    Grossman said the constant criticism and booing from Soldier Field fans had a devastating effect on his son, who was a member of the Bears from 2003 to '08.

    "Of course it did," Grossman said. "He wasn't a first-round draft pick (22nd overall out of Florida) and an Associated Press national player of the year for nothing. Obviously he came in very well thought of. Those bumps that he had in Chicago have not helped him. But I am glad to say he is on an excellent team now. And he is on an excellent offensive passing team now. He is very pleased with that.

    "The whole culture is different."

    An interesting read, even if it does evoke memories of QB-stage-dads past.


    As for Dan's talk about the NFL being a passing league, it should be noted that the top 5 running teams in the league right now (NYJ, Tenn, Carolina, Miami, NO) have a combined record of 24-21 while the top 5 passing teams (Indy, NE, Houston, NO, Ariz) are 35-10.
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