Pro Football Weekly's Stocking Stuffer for Texans

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    Every year, PFW's Executive Editor Dan Arkush provides his stocking stuffers for each NFL team. For your amusement, here are his selections for three teams of local interest...


    For the Texans:

    "Defensive Rookie of the Year honors for league-leading tackler DeMeco Ryans, a steady stream of Pro Bowl berths starting next season for DE Mario Williams and an actual ground game."


    For the Titans:

    "Offensive Rookie of the Year honors for QB Vince Young, a season free of head-stomping for talented DT Albert Haynesworth and a well-deserved new contract for head coach Jeff Fisher."


    For the Cowboys:

    Less spit and a lot more polish for WR Terrell Owens (who is 33 years old going on 3), another trip deep into the playoffs for Bill Parcells and enough gumption for owner Jerry Jones to dump Owens if T.O. continues to act like a hopelessly self-absorbed ass."


    No link, from the 12/26/2006 print edition.

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