Pro Football Focus: Top 101 Players of 2010 Season

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    Here are the Houston Texans that made their list of Top 101 players of 2010...

    97. Wade Smith, LG, Houston Texans
    If I don’t mention this he’ll kill me. Ben Stockwell you were right. Yes Pro Football Focus’ Chief Analyst called the Smith move the best piece of free agent business after examining Smith’s performances for the Chiefs in 2009. Inserted at left guard for the Texans, he was in a class of his own when it came to denying pressure up the gut. Outside of a rough stretch during the middle of the season, a big part of Arian Foster’s superb year.
    Best Performance: Week 1 versus Indianapolis (+4.8)
    Key Stat: Gave up less than one quarterback pressure per game (including six games where he gave up no pressure at all).

    83. Chris Myers, C, Houston Texans
    Not a Texan fan favorite, but one of mine at the center spot. In what was generally a bad year for offensive linemen, the run blocking of Myers was one of those highlights I’ll remember. He dominated both times against the Colts, but could have done with being more consistent, and not giving up quite as much pressure in the passing game.
    Best Performance: Week 17 versus Jacksonville (+5.9)
    Key Stat: Had seven ‘In the Green’ Games of above +1.0, but four ‘In the Red’ grades of -1.0.

    81. Matt Schaub, QB, Houston Texans
    The touchdown-to-interception ratio (24:12) isn’t the best, but don’t let that fool you as to how good a quarterback Matt Schaub has become. Consistently above average, Schaub’s only real struggles came when he faced pressure (his percentage dropped off,) but with a Texans line giving him plenty of time, it didn’t impact too negatively.
    Best Performance: Week 10 at Jacksonville (+7.1)
    Key Stat: Completed 61.9% of passes when blitzed and just 45.1% when pressured.

    40. Arian Foster, HB, Houston Texans
    It may seem weird to have the NFL rushing leader this low, but rather than insult Foster, I’m paying a compliment to his offensive line. Foster had a really good year, but the run blocking he received was superb, and really paved the way for his big season. That said, Foster did a lot of good things, and was a huge threat in space to make the first guy miss (49 missed tackles show that.) Does need to work on his hands a bit, as five dropped passes are too many.
    Best Performance: Week 1 versus Indianapolis (+6.4)
    Key Stat: You can’t touch him. Only 52.35% of his yards came after contact.

    17. Andre Johnson, WR, Houston Texans
    With an injury that should have limited his production, and an ejection from a game after a punch-up with Cortland Finnegan that prevented him from racking up more yards, Johnson put forward a strong case to being the best receiver in the league. Just doesn’t ever seem to play poorly, and was the model of consistency in a Texans team that was anything but. If he’s 100% healthy (and this year he wasn’t) there may not be a way of stopping a man with his physical attributes at the WR position.
    Best Performance: Week 6 versus Kansas City (+3.8)
    Key Stat: Dropped just 6.52% of catchable balls.
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    This giant tree, standing 10,000 ft. high but not
    Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn on the defense.
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    We had two defensive players on the 2010 pro bowl roster, but they didn't make it to the top 101 players that year?

    Bullsheet. Oh, and don't take that as any kind of endorsement of the defense's horribleness that was last season, just saying that something is wrong with that list.
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    Just another sad example ...

    Don't do drugs and build Top 100 lists! :mariopalm:

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