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    Our Houston Texans will head to Nashville, Tennessee this upcoming Sunday to do battle with the Tennessee Titans in a another big game for our troops.

    Tennessee is a very underrated football team. They are very young with alot of talent, similar to our Texans. The following is a preview I have put together of them...

    Starting with offense, Tennessee is lead by rookie Quaterback Vince Young. He brings leadership to the team, which is very impressive for a rookie. His stats are not great, 47 of 99 for 512 yards with 3 TD's and 4 INT's, but has prooven he can make a few big plays at times, even with his legs as he has 79 yards rushing on 21 rushes.

    Tennessee RB Travis Henry is a mentaly tough running back, runs the ball with no fear from what I read and also has good recieving abilities. He did not play in 2 games this season, but still has 383 yards rushing and 3 TDs. Tennessee RB Chris Brown may also see a few touches at times.

    In terms of Wide Recievers for the Tennessee Titans, their main man looks to be Drew Bennet. Bennet has 21 receptions for 305 yards and a touchdown so far this season. On the other side is WR David Givens who the Titans signed as a free agent this year from New England. He has apparently been bothered by a thumb injury however, and missed his last game. He has 8 receptions for over 100 yards this season. Other Titan WR's include the speedy slot man Bobby Wade who is second on the team with receptions, racking in 12 for 174 yards, Brandon Jones and Roydell Williams. All of these guys can make some big play downfield and are a sizable threat.

    The Titans has have 3 very solid and productive players at the TE position. Ben Troupe is averaging 15 yards per reception on 7 receptions, and also has a TD reception this season. Erron Kinney is said to be the best blocking TE Tennessee has, but has battled injury this year opening up the door for the young, second year-man from Texas U, Bo Scaife. He already has 11 receptions for 164 yards and a TD. The tight ends are liekly the biggest offensive threat for this young, Titans offense.

    Tennessee's offensive line is lead by pro-bowler Kevin Mawae who was let go by the Jets to clear cap room, other than that, a young offensive line exists for Tennessee. On the outside are left tackle Michael Roos and right tackle David Stewart. Inside on the line, the experienced Benji Olsen and Zach Piller has fought injuries this season, allowing Jacob Bell to step in. Bell is yet to be a standout on this line, but is also starting to develop some consistency.

    Defensively for the Titans, they rank a solid 11th in the leauge with passing defense, however find themselves in last place with run defense.

    The leader of Tennessee's defense in Outside Linebacker Keith Bullock. He leads the team in tackles once gain this year and has already recored 55. He has size, he tackles perfectly, defends well against the pass and run and has great leadership skills. Tennessee's other OL David Thorton, who has strength as his key attribute, and MLB Peter Sirmon who looks to be a solid, but not great player. Sirmon has battled injury problems in the past but has managed to stay healthy so far this season. Robert Reynolds and Stephen Tulloch also see time at the linebacker position.

    Tennessee's defensive line includes Kyle Vaden Bosch, Travis Laboy, Antwann Odom, Randy Starkes, Jesse Mahelona, and Albert Haynsworth. Haynsworth is the best player on this defensive line, but will not face Houston. He was suspended 5 games for stepping on the face of a Dallas Cowboy player week 4. His attitude has gotten the best of him lately. This can still be a fairly solid defensive line however, and Kyle Vaden Bosch looks to be the leader with Haynsworth out.

    Filling in for Haynsworth is our former boy at tackle, Robarie Smith. He is complimented by his partner, Randy Starks. Anotehr great edition to the interior of the defensive line of Tennessee rookie Mahelona, who's speciaility is pass rush. Again however, Tennesse ranks last in the leauge in rush defense but have the ingredients and talent to turn it around soon.

    The Titans pass defense is much better, ranking 11th in the leauge. However, they have only got 8 sacks on opposing quaterbacks and have only forced 3 interceptions. This Tennessee pass defense is highlited by veteran safties and young corners. Chris Hope, one of the veteran Safties for Tennessee already has over 50 tackles and has recorded an interception. Hope's compliement and fellow saftey, LeMont Thompson uses his range to cover the deep pass, and you can count on him to make those hard hits.

    Another big name for the Titans pass defense is Adam ''Pac-Man'' Jones, who has recorded 17 tackles so far this season and has recovered a fumble. This kid can play, no doubt. He has great speed and is very capable of alyways making that big play. Reynaldo Hill is is their other corner and has 19 tackles so far. Also look for Andre Woolfork and Cortland Finnegan to make some big plays in passing situations.

    On Special Teams for them, kicker Rod Bironas is a strong kicker, is 4 of 4 when attempting field goals between 30 and 39 yards and is 1 for 1 on attempts between 40 and 49 yards. He is yet to miss an extra point this season.

    At the punter position ia Craig Hentrich. He is an experienced punter, now in his 13th season, and has put 13 punts inside the 20 for Tennessee so far this season.

    Overall, this Tennessee Titans team is young and has alot of talent, again, just like our Houston Texans. The Titans are a very dnagerous team however, they had the Colts on the ropes in Indianapolis earlier in the season, yet lost late in the 4th.

    This Titans team is also coming off of a win in Washington, and has had time to rest up with a bye week. Also keep in mind that while these Titans have lost 5 games, 3 of them are bye 7 or less points.

    I feel Tennessee is again, a very underrated team and has alot of young talent. I look forward to a good, physical game with them in their house come this Sunday, and it will obviously be a tough game for us.

    My ''Keys to Success vs. Tennessee'' will be posted tomorrow. (Thursday)

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    That pretty much sums up our team except Chris Hope has 2 INTs.

    You can add that Reynaldo Hill sucks and Lamont Thompson sucks 80% of the time.
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    This game could go either way, Vince could make rookie mistakes and we might take advantage of them, or Vince could exploit our run defense and run all over us, this is gonna be an interesting game, if we win, maybe Houstonians(fair weather fans)will get an idea about not drafting him, or he beats us, get ready for the Vince young threads and water cooler talk all week!
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    M an stop with all the passing on VY stuff I have all ways supported Carr and taken a beaten over it but this guy comes to play every Sunday and still we have people bashing him. He has done great this year now that he does not have to run for his life. As for the game in general some Titans fans seem to think that Pacman will be covering AJ and that AJ does not stand a chance now I am not going to bash the Titans well to much but he will not be able to handle AJ. AJ has a size advantage and is strong and sorry but Pacman will not be able to handle him shoot put two guys on him. We also have EM, he may not have the speed he once had but he can catch 3yrds here 4 there someone else clean up the rest and first down and moving the chains. We have alot more weapons on the offense then they do but we have to run the ball it is a must and I am not to confident in our running game they must do what they did last Sunday more then once for me to not lose sleep over it.

    As for the D they have come a long way and I think we can keep their running game in check because we seem to put up a wall when teams get in the red zone run wise. The thing that might hurt us is VY legs I am not worried about his arm that much but if he gets to run wild that will open up alot starting with Travis Henry and the passing game control Vince you control their offense. We have to push the pocket into him knock him down get him to thinking to much and worried about the rush and he will start making mistakes this is not college he will not have time to recover as quickly as he did back then. I still feel this could go either way I hope our guys are up for the challenge but overall I think it will be a close one something like Texans 17 Titans 13.
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    Wouldn't it be awesome Mario sacks VY a couple of times.

    At least just stay in his face and hurries him!!:wild:

    Bobby 119C
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    That would be awesome. It could happen. I'm predicting a 7 point win.
    24 - 17.:twocents:

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