Pretty cool article about NFL offenses

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by TheIronDuke, Dec 27, 2012.

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    it's a good article, but it tremendously understates how the rules of the game have been changed to favor offenses & qb's. If the paranoia about concussions weren't so pervading today and the rules from even 10-15 years ago were still in play (driving qb's into the ground, hitting qb's below the knee... defenseless reciever crap etc) there's no way these new offensive packages would be so widely accepted by coaches today much less successful as they are.

    talents like RG3, Kapernick & Wilson have always been around the league (Cunningham, Culpepper, Kordell Stewart) They've just never been able to last b/c defenses were free to light their asses up when they did get to them. The rules today, don't really allow've got to him them Juuuuussssstttt right. If you don't you're subject to a penalty, fine or suspension...or all 3.

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