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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Nawzer, Sep 3, 2004.

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    Who do think stood out this preseason for us?

    Offense: Although David Carr, Todd Wade, Mark Bruener, Domanick Davis, Andre Johnson showed that they all will make our team better I think offensively our biggest star of the preseason was wide receiver Derrick Armstrong. The guy just has a knack for making plays and he made a couple of awesome catches yesterday. Look out Jabbar Gaffney..

    Defense: Rookies Dunta Robinson and Jason Babin showed flashes of brilliance and they will have their ups and downs through out the season. Our pass rush was virtually non existent and that's not a good thing for us. We have to have some pressure on the other team's qb. Anyway, I thought defensive back Demarcus Faggins had a terrific training camp and preseason. He's made nice plays and yesterday he picked of Chris Simms of the Buc's, and that was Simms' first INT of the preseason. Faggins will be a very valuable guy for us.

    Special Teams: Last but not the least our special teams was very good this preseason. JJ Moses I think solidified his position on our team and Kris Brown hasn't missed yet. But this award goes to Kendrick Starling. He has been really good for us and with his speed on the outside he's a terrific special teamer. Laid a good hit on one of the Buc's returner yesterday. He plays all out and he's also made some nice plays in offense.
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    The most impressive overall is the Teams unselfishness- just win baby!
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    I think the biggest standout offensively was Derrick Armstrong. I would say David Carr but I think we kind of expected him to look like this by now. But Armstrong gets the honors for his consistency rather than spectacular catches. I've been a fan defending Gaffney and have listened to the comments that Carr does not hit Gaffney much because of his inability to go through his progressions. But when Armstrong is in, Carr sure does seem to find him.

    Defensively, I really can't say there was anyone who stood out. I think once we allowed Wong to go after the QB this past game, it turned out better. After the Wong playing inside ordeal, Foreman elevated his game. That is really all I can say because our defense looked pretty ugly this preseason.

    Special Teams, aside from Kris Brown the only man that answered the call was JJ Moses. :soapbox:

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