Prediction - Looking ahead at remaining schedule as Texans enter Bye week

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Trail.Blazr, Oct 22, 2012.

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    13-3 seems very reasonable to me.

    I wonder how many of us can honestly say in early September, they pegged Houston to be 6-1 going into the Bye week...

    Anyway, looking ahead. 9 games. 4 divisional. 3 NFC north. Only 3 have a winning record.

    - vs Bills (3-4)
    - at Bears (4-1)
    - vs Jaguars (1-5)
    - at Lions (2-3)
    - at Titans (3-4)
    - at Patriots (4-3)
    - vs Colts (3-3)
    - vs Vikings (5-2)
    - at Colts (3-3)

    I personally think the bye is coming at the right time. Get some rest to some groins/hammies for a couple of weeks. Give the Defense some more time to get the post-Cushing identity realized.

    I know we could speak volumes on playing our division, but at the end of the day, I can't pick anyone in the AFC South to likely beat us. It's possible, but not probable. We should take all 4, thus we are looking at 10 wins.

    Three teams that stand out to me as the most concerning are the Bears, Patriots and Vikings. Not because of their current record, but I am suspicious of NFC north teams after the G.B. game. And I am always nervous to pick against the Pats. I honestly feel that the Bears are subject to a meltdown anytime you get into Jay Cutlers' face. I like our matchup to pressure Cutler all game long. The Vikings actually scare me the most. Very balanced with Peterson seemingly back to full speed and has a good D. I will give a loss to one of them, likely the Vikings. Thus we are now at 12 wins.

    Leaves us with Buffalo/Mario game, which we should win and the Thanksgiving matchup against the Lions, whom I think Houston is the better team. 2 more wins to hit 14 on the season. Factor an upset in there could be more reasonable at 13-3 to finish the season.
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    I haven't had a chance to watch as much football this year, to see who is actually good & who isn't. Records at this point of the season don't really tell me who is good & who is bad, only tells me how teams are stacking up to their expectations.

    The Packers spanked us, we spanked the Ravens. If we were to play either of those games again next week, I seriously doubt either would go the same way. I wouldn't guarantee a Packer victory, or a Raven loss, or any semblance of domination by any participating team.

    The Ravens is still a pretty good team. The Patriots are a good team, their defense is suspect, but that is a good team that will win 10+ games this year.

    Tennessee, I think they screwed the pooch starting Locker this year. Yeah, they drafted him in the first round for a reason, but I think that's a play-off team with Hasselbeck. I know he's not a Houston Texans' QB, so he isn't worth a crap, but I'm just throwing that out there.

    As far as division games go, Luck is new to the Colts, but we aren't. Those guys know who we are. We'll be getting every body's best from here out & that goes double for our division foes. I think they are dangerous enough that we might lose our home game for whatever reason, & not need the season finale..... & being swept by the Colts. I wouldn't put it past the Titans to beat us as well.

    I don't think it's going to happen, but they aren't so bad to believe they can't field a NFL any given Sunday team 4 weeks or more from now.

    The only melt-down the Bears had last year was a depth chart issue. They still aren't very deep talent wise, but they're healthy now. If they can keep it up, they're as good as any team in the league. Chances of them getting seriously injured in the next three weeks..... slim. That's going to be a game.

    The Lions, not playing very well, but there's more of a winning culture there than there has been in a long time. They are who we were the last couple of six years. A young team trying to find a way to consistently bring it. They've got play-makers on both sides of the ball. I still don't think they have enough in the tank to play us for 60 minutes, even on Thanksgiving. But this game can go either way.

    So the only gimme's I see on our schedule from here out are the Bills & the Jags. Other than that, I think we'll have to work for our wins. We're going to be favorites the rest of the way, but...... Any given Sunday.

    I don't see home-field being locked up just yet, but there ain't nothing that's going to keep us from winning our division & getting into the play-offs.

    Once we get in, we're going to be a very tough out.
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    Too bad that Patriot game will be our 3rd road game in a row.
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    Yes, and then there's that 'Prime Time' thingy as well. I think this is the game we shake that. Trying to not be a :homer:, just a gut feeling kinda thang.

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