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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Wolf6151, Jan 10, 2014.

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    When doing your mocks, how much are you factoring in PS and IR players from the 2013 roster that never really saw any kind of playing time? Players like Brennan Williams, Trevardo Williams, David Quessenberry, A.J. Bouye, Alec Lemon, etc....? I think we're all factoring in Quessenberry to the O-line at LG, but what about the rest? Do you think any of them will make contributions to the point that we can eliminate that position from our draft?
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    I expect Brennan Williams to take over at RT. But we also have Quizz as an option if Brennan is not up for the part. I also have mocked a tackle to us in both of my drafts as I think it needs bolstering. I have Trevardo Williams, Bouye and Lemon all adding to our depth. I have higher expectations than most on Trevardo who I really liked coming out of UCONN. I thought he was going to Seattle for sure. I hope he comes back ready to take over at OLB allowing Reed to shift inside.

    Another factor to consider is what type of scheme the o-line is going to be playing. With rumors of Munchak being the o-line coach we will have to see what they plan on installing.

    EDIT: Also remember that these are Kubiaks players. Nobody is safe, and nobody is assured a starting role.

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