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    I've seen on NFLN other teams (Jets) doing ball stripping drills, really focusing on it from first practice.

    Now Eagles receivers are running routes and catching with one (outside) hand only.

    I have not been to a Texans practice, but can't recall seeing film on either drill. How much time is focused on forcing turnovers? Or do all teams pretty much practice the same?

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    Most coaches have the same drills for fundamental football skills. However some do things differently, and over the course of training camp they will go through them all.

    What we do in practice is split into individual groups, and have stations. One is the tip drill, one is the strip drill, one is a tackle drill, and there is usually one special station. For example, on defense they have the locate and pursue drill. Where everyone starts on their back, once the whistle blows the coach throws the ball to either sideline while the defense is getting to their feet. Once the ball reaches the receiver he moves up the sideline full speed. All the players on the field take different angles to the ball, but it happens so fast some get confused and run the wrong direction.

    So to answer your question, yes all teams will run the same drills during the course of an offseason. However, there are drills like the one I explained above that certain coaches will run.

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