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    In my mind.

    I pulled this out for those folks that are thinking David Carr is something like Jim Plunkett. Look at him stand in the pocket and pay attention to the HOF line remarks.

    I don't think Oakland is even close to being in the same shape now as they were in 1980. Outside of the fact that the QBs share very little in common. One was a Heisman winner from a fairly deep class of QBs ( Plunkett, Manning, Pastorini, Dickey, Anderson, Theisman... while the other was the best of a lot of contenders )

    Although it would be cool if the Raiders picked up Harrington with Carr. The #1 and #3 of 71; The #1 and #3 of 2002.

    This link is nothing related. I just found it at the same time when looking at Jim Plunkett stuff.

    It has got to be the corniest video I have ever seen. Ever. Check out Matt Millen busting out a rap... O M G.

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