Players Voted To Practice Outside Instead Of Inside On Friday Morning 95 Degree Heat

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    For Friday morning's special teams-only practice, coach Gary Kubiak gave his players the choice of working in the air-conditioned bubble or in 95-degree heat on the outside practice field.

    “They voted to come outside instead of inside, so we have to check their IQ,” Kubiak said with a laugh. “The players voted. They wanted to come outside, so we're outside.”

    And many of the Texans who didn't have to practice with the special teams didn't take the morning off. There were close to 20 players in the weight room.

    The afternoon workout, however, was indoors. No vote necessary with temperatures near 100.

    Kubiak praised the Texans' effort, saying, “Practice was very competitive this afternoon.”

    His only complaint was the number of players with “nicks,” although he added: “It's nothing unusual, what we've had. It's just our numbers are down. I'll tell you what, it's making us better, because we've got some young guys who are really stepping up, getting opportunities to play and taking advantage of it.”

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