Playcalling at the Line

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by J-Man, Oct 4, 2004.

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    I have seen several threads even after the last two wins that complain a great deal about the playcalling of the Texans. I watched the Capers post-game interview on the website and coach had something pretty intresting to say about that...

    "...almost all of the game was called at the line of scrimmage. David would make the calls based on what the defense was showing him"

    I am willing to bet that this is probably not the 1st time we've tried this...I am willing to give Palmer kudos for his teaching Carr how to read the defense and select the appropriate option. Palmer has good schemes and is teaching the offense to put themselves in positions to be sucessful. I hadn't considered that some of the playcalling issues might be part of Carr's learning curve when he was checking down to runs in what we might think are obvious pass situations. As for the 3 runs on the goaline...the way our line was playing up to that point I probably would have called 3 runs as well. I have never been a big Palmer guy but I don't doubt we can be sucessful with him as the Offensive Coordinator.
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    Palmer has definately built an offense that plays well together, and obviously has put together some things that work well for us. However, even on a game like this where we moved the ball well on the ground and in the air, there were a few series where the playcalling was somewhat questionable.

    For example late in the first half, running the ball until we were out of timeouts, then getting downfiled with no timeouts to attempt a very long FG attempt. I think we should have either let the clock run out, or thrown the ball some at the beginning of that drive.

    Also, with a 1st and goal at I think the 7 after a turnover, I would have liked to see Carr get to take at least 1 shot at the endzone, perhaps on a play action pass.

    So, yes Palmer does give us some questionable calls, but overall, after a big win is hardly the time to really criticize (hey it worked right), and he has done a good job of preparing and mentoring a young team.
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    So since David Carr is now calling the plays at the line instead of Palmer up in the booth . . .

    Does this mean that's the end of the conservative play calling complaints? Or does anyone see Carr as a conservative play caller? lol:
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    I think Palmer & Carr are both more comfortable with playmaking ability of the receivers. Last year, too many balls were dropped. Miller was the escape valve & not needed as much this year. I was surprised that Breuner across the middle for 5 or 6 yds did not happen. I was stunned we moved the ball so well. I think the Vikings should forfeit and head to Valhalla before we put a real hurting on them. Ahooga!

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