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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by YoungTexanFan, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Ok guys, now that we have seen exactly who our picks are, it's time to get an early guage on what we expect out of who. I'm going to ask for three specific "labels" and you must pick 1 and ONLY 1 player for each label.

    The labels are as followed: Pro-Bowl ; Bust ; Sleeper

    I'll start:

    Xavier Adibi - I fully expect him to have a very good NFL career. He is instinctive and fast while being great in coverage. He could win the starting spot out of the gate, but will see playing time. He will be a great leader next to Ryans.

    Dominique Barber - He will be lost in the depth charts of SS. He does not possess any one trait that would set him apart from others, and he never fit the "football player lacking the measurables" stereotype. Prediction: Will not be a Texan by next year's TC.

    Frank Okam - He could easily slide into the bust catagory, but he has a lot of potential that will all revolve around his head. He has the physical traits and has flashed the ability to be an above average NFL 2-gap DT. He has the potential to be a starter.
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    LOLOLOL at the 6th round bust. I guess he won't be exceeding the team expectation as waterboy.
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    A total waste : Brink , barber
    A good pick : molden , Okam , adibi
    A project : Brown , slaton

    The lack of de pick says either weaver is so much better , or that chaon thomas is going to be our pass rushing end . The Brink pick may signal a plan to trade someone ?

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