Peterson hasn't made up mind about NFL

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Kaiser Toro, Dec 23, 2006.

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    "I haven't came to no decision as far as coming out," Peterson said. "I love the players, I love all the coaches, the guys I'm around."

    Peterson said he has talked to former Oklahoma teammates, who have told him how much faster play in the NFL can be. He has also weighed concerns about being injured and considered the business side of professional football.

    "You can make it difficult on yourself if you want to. I hear different things from family, friends, guys on the team," Peterson said. "What it boils down to is it's my decision, what I feel like is best for me."

    Peterson said he plans to meet with Stoops in the next few days but won't make a decision about his future until after the Fiesta Bowl.

    "My whole time that I've been here, I try and just make sure the players have accurate information," Stoops said. "Where I feel players make a mistake is when they listen to people who don't know."
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    I wouldn't read anything into this... he'll grab the cash. He's just trying to avoid making this an issue before their bowl game. I don't think he's the right guy for us... but I love his game.

    However, I think top 5 RB picks are just too risky. Look at Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams, and Cedric Benson... wouldn't you rather have MJD or Frank Gore right now? Me personally, I think the NFL is becoming more friendly to dudes that are LT's size and smaller.

    In 2006, I'd say the best RB's have been Tomlinson, Gore, Johnson, Jones-Drew, Westbrook, Willie Parker, and Steven Jackson. Johnson and Jackson are the only dudes over 5'10 of that bunch... I really think the trend is going towards smaller guys that can handle the load, break the big run, and have plus receiving skills. Just my opinion... I like AP, but I think with the size of linemen these days, RB's that can hide behind the line and have that low pad level are at an advantage. Obviously, big guys can be great too... I just think people overvalue the size component of AP and most backs.
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    In other words, AP hasn't found an agent he likes yet.
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    In other words they won't commit until after their season is officially over in order to keep NCAA hounds away from looking for any infractions.

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