Personal Seat Licenses - Refunds Available?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by VY's Crib U Jus payn Rent, Dec 27, 2006.

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    Should Bobby McNair refund people their PSL money if they wish not to re-new their season tickets?

    Look at it this way, people paid good money for a certain "product". That "product" was promised to be a well run organization and an actual "NFL Caliber" team.

    On the other hand, Bobby has not delivered said "product". He has delivered a terribly run organzation that is the laughing stock of the league and for the most part the only "NFL Caliber" teams we see are the opponets.

    Really any casual fan could have made much better decisons than Bobby Buffoon has. His track record that we would have to beat reads like this:

    1. A contest for the fans to name the team (Remember that one after the team was awarded) Not! There was no contest - Bobby had the name picked out the whole time. And he took the name from Dallas as the Original Texans were the Dallas Texans now the Kansas City chiefs.

    2. Tony Bisselli - paying that much for "damged goods". I knew the franchise was off on the wrong shoulder, err foot with that one.

    3. Dom Capers???

    4. Charlie "I am the NFL" Casserly (SP)

    5. David Carr for FIVE years - enough said

    6. No Reggie

    7. No VY

    8. He calls out fans saying the "team and orgainization" makes the decisions - Hey Big Bobby who do you think pays your bills - I won't get into the discussion of my and your tax money being used to build this clown a stadium for HIS own benefit and profit.

    Well I would say under Texas Law that this is enough for a "Deceptive Trade Practices Act" violation - I mean we have been deceived we don't have an "NFL Caliber" team.

    We weren't delivered what was promised - period!

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