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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by prostock101, Aug 19, 2007.

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    I've been watching the Ravens-Giants game tonight and I noticed something interesting I'd like some feedback on. Kubiak has always stated that for this defense to be successful they have to get pressure on the QB with four down linemen.

    Watching the Ravens, they rushed five guys almost 90% of the time and sometimes six and they didn't seem to care if it was an obvious run or pass play. And I don't remember us blitzing once against the Cards. Are we unable to blitz for some reason or are we just not showing any defensive packages until the season starts? Our defense just seems so plain vanilla. The Ravens were bouncing in and out and really trying to confuse the offense. Is our secondary that bad that we can't afford to leave them alone? Seems like we really upgraded our depth at linebacker so why not more blitz packages?

    Any thoughts?
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    I've noticed that with several "blitz" oriented teams: Ravens, Eagles, Bears, for example. They rarely just have 4 guys coming even though it's the preseason. We rarely brought any pressure until we had our 2's in. I think it's asking a bit much from our down linemen.

    Richard Smith wants a defense that doesn't have to blitz to bring pressure. And that's great. But remember last year, he didn't blitz at all through the first three games... which were statistically among some of the worst defensive 3-game stretches ever. We improved dramatically when we started trying to bring pressure. I hope at this point that we're just not wanting to show our blitz packages and tip our hands, but I'm afraid that we're going to start the season doing the no-blitz thing again.

    And that really bothers me.
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    I think the same thing, that Smith wants his pressure from the front 4.

    Doesn't look like that is going to happen based on the first 2 games of preseason.
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    Something else to think about... the ravens had one of the better defenses last year; both scheme and personnel. They have something tried and true and efficient. Might as well perfect it with all of their new people before the season starts. :pirate:

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