Over-Simplified Thinking & the Draft

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by kastofsna, Dec 15, 2006.

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    i see a lot of people use extremely concrete and simple lines of thinking when talking about players here, most notably quarterbacks. i see statements like this (using last year's class as an example) all time:

    see, one line of thinking does not support the other line. and i'm hearing this argument with troy smith now. and brady quinn, too. sorry people, but plenty of great QB's also had great talent around them in college. peyton manning, carson palmer, tom brady...just to name a few. look at the PLAYER, not the team. there are an equal amount of success stories of QB's coming from great teams as there are QB's coming from teams with far less talented.

    another thing i see is:

    you just cannot assume that A = B here. you can say he may "struggle to adjust" to an NFL offense, but to flatout say he will not succeed AS A RESULT of the offense he played in at texas is wrong. the same can be said for any other system QB. this year, colt brennan is one of those guys. yes, he's not as pro-ready such as troy smith or brady quinn, but i just don't see how people can completely disregard a player's talents because of that.

    here's my favorite one though:

    there's a pretty big thing that people forget when looking at college quarterbacks: they're not a finished product. they're SUPPOSED to grow and develop and get better each year that they play. brady quinn got better when a better coach came in and coached him up right. carson palmer made huge strides his senior season. jay cutler was an option QB for his first two years, and barely completed 50% of his passes. he made great progress his final two seasons. troy smith was a special teams guy at one point, look how far he's progressed. the fact that quinn is playing so well under weiss should be a POSITIVE. first of all, this offense has won THREE super bowls. secondly, the fact that quinn went from an average NCAA quarterback to superstar over one summer shows just how quickly he can pick up a complicated offense and do well in it. unlike vince young, who had an offense simplified for him, quinn had the playbook OPENED UP, and he did far better his junior year than his sophomore season.

    i won't even bother with the "He lost big games, so he won't be good" sentiment. winning/losing means NOTHING in college. don't even get me started.

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