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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Dec 6, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans (4-8) are coming off of a road win against Oakland and we get a home game as we play host to the surging Tennessee Titans (5-7) this upcoming Sunday.

    This will be another important game for our Texans. First off, its against our rival so it's always a big, important game. There is going to be alot of emotion in Reliant not only for our Texans but also because of Vince Young's return to his hometown. A win for our Texans would not only be good because it's against our rivals but because it would be our first two game win streak in almost two years. Also, I said in my Monday post, a strong finish continues to be very important for this football team.

    I will only draw up a brief outline of the Titans as we have already faced them once this season so we already have some famailarity with them.

    Vince Young has really cotinued to grow and get much better since we faced him the first time around. He's winning game for his team, leading them from behind onto two straight extremely impressive victories. He can obviously make big plays with both his legs and arm. His stats on the year are currently 129 or 257, 1,486 yards, 10 Touchdowns and 10 Interceptions. He stimm kaes rookie mistakes, but is already a very dangerous quaterback for opposing defenses.

    The Titans running back is Travis Henry and he averages 4.4 yards per carry so he can be solid.

    Real quick defensively, the Tennessee Titans rank last in the NFL in yards alot and 29th in the leauge in terms of points allowed. There certainly have talent to turn this tide however, including the returning Alberta Haynesworth who we did not face the first time around, and Pacman Jones will also be waiting.

    As you can see from that skimining of the Titans, alot of talent, alot of young talent and they certainly know how to win football games (coming from behind on route to 2 straight unreal wins including against the Colts). This will be a big challenge for our Texans Sunday, but also a big oppurtunity as we, again, can accomplish alot with a win.

    My ''Keys to Success''' will be posted tomorrow (Thursday) as usual.

    GO TEXANS!:gotexans1 :gotexans1

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    You hit it on the money. I think the Defense stats for us are a little scewed based on the begining of the season. They are a lot better than the numbers say. It will be a good game.
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    Yeah, I'm looking forward to this.

    Remember that our defensive stats are a little screwed up because of the beginning of the season as well. We were giving up almost 500 yards a game the first 3 games. Since then, we've been much better.

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