Our Lads 07 Draft Review

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by beerlover, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. beerlover

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    they assinged the Texans an AVERAGE grade.

    seem unsure if Matt Schaub can be the starting QB with a track record "built on pre-seasons" to me thats a little unfair. also think Jacoby was a "curious pick" using the analogy "more like a baseball pick where potential overrode the facts." maybe its just me the game film I watched of Jacoby reminded me of a young unknown Terrel Owens out of Tennessee in the 90's who was also considered developmental coming out of a small school, despite extra cirricular activities or what you might think of the man, TO has had an all-pro career. Jacobys ability to change directions, seperate in space from the defender, natural route fluidity go hand in hand with his confident cockiness, the type of leadership from the WR position is very hard to measure.

    they go on to give Jacksonville ABOVE AVERAGE grade.

    that Mike Walker, WR from a small school, Central Florida, may be the sleeper of the Jags draft. "He is good sized athlete that is a natural pass catcher". when in fact they themselves had Jacoby rated higher than Mike Walker, not to mention Jacoby is bigger 6025 to Walkers 6016.

    to top off this insult saying 3rd rd. was too high to select a developmental WR starting with the Texans there was a run on WR's (73. Houston Jacoby Jones, #74. Baltimore Yamon Figures, #75 Atlanta Laurent Robinson, #76 San Francisco Jason Hill, #77 Pittsburgh (TE) Matt Spaeth, #78 Green Bay James Jones, #79 Jacksonville Mike Walker, #80 Tennessee Paul Williams.

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    The way I look at it, last year every sports writer and their intern graded the Texans draft a total bust and an F. (Okay, I'm sure there were a few in Carolina, but other than that, the vast majority failed them.) But by the end of the season, a good portion of those guys had turned around their opinion of the Texans draft grade. They gave the Texans props for having a very productive rookie TE, the DROY, and two starting linemen, even if one was injured.

    So they can grade whatever they want now. Let's see if the grade changes in January.
  3. Porky

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    Ourlads used to be outstanding, but the last few years they have really declined. Now I think they pretty much suck.

    I liked Mike Walker a lot as a sleeper pick as well, but to say that somehow that sleeper pick is any better than the Texans sleeper pick based on nothing more than pulling it out of your ass seems a little biased. And, to put the icing on the cake, they had Jones rated higher than Walker. Hilarious.

    And I won't even comment on the Schaub crapola. Say it again next year Ourbads.:cowboy1:
  4. Shaft75

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    Apr 16, 2006
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    Cannot give you anymore rep. Would if I could. Nice point.
  5. Vinny

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    Ever since Dan Shonka took over it's gone into the crapper. It used to be a good site....but now its pretty worthless.
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    Clear Lake
    Shh! we are twying to sneak up on a wascally wabbit! We will change others opinions when we grab the other team by the throat and beat them on the field. Patience my friends, we are sneaking up on them.

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