One Quarter of the season to go; lets see if we can finish strong

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Dec 5, 2005.

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    Okay, so our Houston Texan football team is going through a rather difficult time period rgiht now obviously at 1-11. I dont want to talk about those previous 12 games, rather, strongly focus on the remaining 4, because their is something we can do about these final 4 games.

    Our team fights hard. There's no question in my mind about that. To be able to come out tihs week, and compete hearitly with the Ravens, after a tough loss against St. Louis, tells me the type of character we have on this team. Good character. Thats always a major plus.

    The challenge for us it to prepare and excute to the best of our ability these final 4 games, and possibly finish very strong, and on a positive note. By doing this, it will give us momentum heading into next year and save some coaches and a few players jobs. Dom Capers, still has a fair chance of being headcoach next season. I like him, as he has a consistent, steady approach and knowns football.

    Main point is we just need to play for what Houston Texans football is all about. Thats pride. There's no doubt the guys in our locker room have it. It also takes courage to fight each game, given the situation our football team is in. They've also showed me that. I love this team, and always will.

    Keep fighting until the end

    Go Texans!:texflag:
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    don't agree with Dom being a good coach, but i like your positive Vibe....
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    Works for me.

    Anyone who has ever played sports would not wish this season on anyone, especially on players that they like and hope the best for. Losing sucks rocks.

    Beating the Titanhicks is always a good thing.:texflag:
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    I finally figured you out. TexansAlltheWayBaby is DOM CAPERS. You just have to be!
    Admit it Dom, your coming to the message boards as TexansAlltheWayBaby. I will support my texans through good and bad times. I will renew my tickets for next season, but Dom, do me a favor, please get new offensive and defensive coordinators, i don't think the current staff you put together is going to work. May want to add an assistant head coach also. I just bought some additional psl's to show my faith in you, don't let me down again!

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