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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by kingh99, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Okay I was at last night's surprisingly well played exhibition game and here's what I took away from it.

    1. Yeah Rosenfelds did okay and Carr lucked out when he threw right into double coverage and the ball was dropped but Carr is definitely the more mobile, smooth, greater upside QB IMHO. It's great to know Rosenfelds is a more than capable backup. Carr was easily able to evade pressure and Kubiak ran the naked boot over and over like they do in Denver. You know why they do this. Elway was the master. He would boot and run and gain good yardage over and over until the safeties had to come up to respect. You know what happened next :). He threatens the run and then throws over the defense to the single covered receiver.

    Rosenfelds was the beneficiary of all of David's awesome rolls in the first half after KC made the adjustment at Halftime. Sure enough they ran it for Sage and he threw over the LB who was respecting the run to the open TE I want to say. The key to all of this is: THE OFFENSE WAS MAKING THE DEFENSE REACT AND NOT VICE VERSA. What a complete 180 from last year. The offense was in control most of the time. David Carr is David Carr. He's an excellent athlete who can be a star but is sometimes afraid to take chances. He's the opposite of Brett Farve and that may not be a bad thing when the modern game requires a QB who manages and doesn't throw his team out of the game. He just needs to put it together this year. This is it.

    2. It was awesome the way Kubiak showcased his draft picks and they player really well. All night we were hearing Wali Lundy and Owen Daniels number called. Demeco Ryans was all over the field and stopped one play from being a huge play for KC in the open field. Watching Lundy rumble for great yardage, I turned to my buddy and said man ole DD is going to be Fernwell from accounting. His virus is going to clear up fast and he should be right back to work.

    3. I save my most glowing praise for the man of the draft, Charles Spencer. I watched that guy deal at LT and he was plowing some guys under or pushing them over to the sideline. Unless he has a major setback, that guy's the starting LT.

    4. Owen Daniels looks solid. Putzier was never to be found and when Joppru got in, he got a nice catch. Also one of the first three or four receptions of the game was by Owen Daniels. This team will use a lot of TE.

    5. Yeah you noticed I didn't mention Mario Williams yet. He was double teamed most of his snaps and quite honestly, the starting opposing OL was pretty effective. RB's come right on in and have an impact. Big ole DE's need a little more time to mature and adjust to the speed of the pro game. Mario was playing the part of D leader throwing up his arms to get the crowd going and he did have one nice pressure whern he got undercut and kept his balance to close on the QB. He'll be fine. ND Kalu and mates put pressure on later. Event though I think they had only 1 sack, there was considerable more QB rushed throw incompletions from Texan DL pressures.

    4. After the excellent kick off return to start the game by, yep, Wali Lundy, the rest of the game, Special Teams felt like an accident about to happen. The KC punter was a master of sideline pinning his punts and that caused us some problems. The other crap at the end of the game, well it wasn't pretty.

    Bottom line: Quick strike offense, secondary and special teams won't scare anyone yet. This year's draft is looking pretty good. Can't say enough about Spencer, Daniels and Lundy (you know Kubiak wants that 6th round running back to be a star). If Williams rounds into form it'll be a solid A.
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    Jan 18, 2006
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    my take on the game:

    O line as a whole, they took up this scheme and looked like they had been running it for ages. Great job as a whole.

    Eric Moulds. wow having him and andre... deadly deadly deadly... just sayin his name gets me excited

    Wali Lundy, I hope he can keep that up in the regular season, makes me feel a lot better about domanick davis always being hurt

    Mario Williams did his job and his effect helped out our defense, they doubled him they were worried about him, and we stopped them...tahts what i want done, i dont care if i see 7 sacks but the opposing offense still gaining 350 yards.

    Demeco Ryans did exactly what I expected, awesome. idk if anyone say but he laid out a running back onabout a 4 yard run and it was awesome.

    This offense makes david carr's strengths look stronger... that awesome speed he has... we saw it... strong arm good decisions, looked great.
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    Cypress, TX
    I remember that play. He rocked that poor guy. I think he's going to be a permanent fixture at Mike.
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    Sep 13, 2004
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    Good review. You were at the same game I was.
  5. CMoak1982

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    May 17, 2006
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    That hit was good, Mcleon tripped him right as he was getting rocked too.

    That's the best pass protection I've ever seen us have, there was a true pocket there.
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    Good Post. I agree with everything you said. I would add that the atmosphere was more electric than it has been in some time. Someone said it was b/c of the regular ticket holders weren't there, but I don't know. Something seems better about this team. Total 180 from last year at this time. That was fun and it was only preseason ...

    Congrats to Kubiak and staff.
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    Apr 24, 2005
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    First time in a year that I actually enjoyed watching the game.

    First time in a year that I couldn't guess the play we were going to run.

    First time in a year that I didn't cringe when David began to throw the ball.

    First time in a year that our defense pressured the opposing QB CONSISTENTLY and not because the QB fumbled the snap or fell down on accident.

    First time in a year that I turned the TV off after the game, went to bed, and didn't have to take Tums, as well as other medications to help me sleep.

    Pretty satisfying if you ask me.

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