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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Comanche, Jan 10, 2006.

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    First off, I think I find myself most squarely in the Kubiak camp. I really believe that with a sound offensive philosophy combined with players we already have and the #1 pick I feel offense will not be a problem.

    Our offensive philosphy, or lack of one, has clearly been a major problem. Starting with year one "keep it super-simple" to what seemed like the use of formations, motions and shifts without a clear objective and the sad method of trying to protect Carr by having him throw on the run so much. (doesn't help in developing pocket presence, cuts the field in half, and didn't really serve to protect him anyway).

    With Kubiak and a sound system, I think we are already MUCH better off.
    I like David Carr. I believe with a good system, support and commitment to pass pro he will be an extremely good QB for someone (Pro-Bowl caliber with the right supporting staff). One guy doesn't do it all.

    Let's use that #1 pick on offense. (I like Reggie Bush) Bush/Davis a great combination, i believe (not much unlike Bush/LenDale White).

    Yeah, Vince Young is a great athlete and tough to pass up. But I think of something I read yesterday. 1985 the Rockets passed on Michael Jordan to take hometown hero Hakeem Olajuwon. Hakeem was great, no doubt, my favorite Rocket. But at the time, we already had a big man (Ralph Sampson). Sure Sampson's career was not that long but...Jordan?

    Of course, this is not the exact same situation, but...

    OK, my BIGGEST concern is on DEFENSE. We need a SOLID Defensive Coordinator here. I really don't care what our base front is (3-4 vs 4-3). I personally lean toward the 4-3 because I found it is often easier to put a DE in a three point stance and rush vs. standing up and rush some, cover other times. A 4-3 is a balanced front, personnel-wise with the fewest number of adjustments to formations, shifts and motion. (You can still put him down and drop him into coverage if you really want to i.e.: the old zone blitz)

    Here's the deal though: It is not the alignment but the philosophy. You can be a bend-but-dont-break, you can have tons of adjustments, calls and packages which tend to actually slow players down, or you can be an ATTACK and FORCE the ISSUE team, emphasizing speed and pressure. You don't have to send extra rushers all the time to be a pressure team. Know the tendencies and blitz the formation. Linebackers do not have to be called to go. If they are in coverage and their man blocks, attack him. It appears to be a blitz, a lineman may pick him up, allowing an End or Tackle to get through, for example. This is important to understand. I really want our DC to bring an agressive and attacking philosophy to Houston. I really like Jeff Fisher, Gregg Williams, and all of the others with ties to Buddy Ryan. Utilize Ryan's philosophy of pressure. You can use the 46 front with 4-3 personnel easily when you want. But most important is the emphasis on speed and pressure.

    I don't know about you guys, but I loved that Oiler team of 93, especially the way we played defense (that is, until the Division playoff game vs. Kansas City).

    Man, I'm sorry to write so much.
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    Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees
    Good take, man (and welcome to the Texans funny pages). :howdy:

    I'm more in the Kubiak camp, as well. I see many great prospective candidates for our HC, and a lot of them could be a nice fit.

    But I like the idea of going with an offensive minded coach for a change. Especially one that sees it from the QB perspective, as well as has experience on champship teams. Kubiak knows how to do it right, so he has a model of the direction we need to be headed.

    With regards to keeping Carr vs. drafting Young; I can see valid points on both sides of the debate. I'm more of a fan of keeping what we've got and adding more, but I certainly respect the desire to completely rebuild from scratch with a dynamic potential like Young.

    If it wasn't for Reggie Bush, I might be swayed a little more towards the Young camp. But adding an offensive minded HC (that has a specialty in QBs), along with another offensive playmaker, just seems like a quicker route to a winning season. Mix in some consistent o-linemen, and we might have something to cheer about.

    I remember that '93 Oilers team (I was actually at the Jets game where Buddy Ryan punched Kevin Gilbride, but we didn't know it until we saw it on the news). What an exciting season that was to experience. Hope we can feel that way about our Texans sooner than later.
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    One thing everyone seems to be forgetting when it comes to Kubiak is that he comes from a team that is known for not taking rbs with high draft picks. Maybe Kubiak will be different when he is on his own but don't count on it.

    I'm in the Vince Young camp. But if I'm a new head coach I would probably try and trade down and get some extra draft picks so I can mold this team into what I envision it to be with players that I feel will best fit my offensive and defensive schemes.

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